Thursday, December 24, 2009

Future Footwear

I would have bought a pair of these Gola Harrier multi coloureds in a flash, but no longer available in my size when I became aware of their existence!:

I think these are pretty funky too, Mens Puma 917 Mid Popart Trainers:

But my next buy may be something like these Vans Skink mid in black/red:

Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi trainers

I have tried some Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi trainers, but the size UK 11 (which I am in Vans) didn't fit, so I went for the 12s, but there's like an inch of space at the toe - they'll get all stretched when I use them, so I'm still not convinced about these. The great thing with Schuh is that they do refunds up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

Converse All Stars Hi-Tops

Everyone says how great Converse All Stars are, and I have a pair of hi tops and low tops, but I don't like them anywhere near as much as my Vans. The ends of my toes seem to get cold with that rubber toe protector bit, and of course they aren't as easy to slip on and off with them being lace ups. Yes - they do look good - a design classic - but not as comfy. If you have a pair, give some Vans slip-ons a try next time you're out shopping and see what you think. Then post a comment!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vans Classic Slip-ons

Vans (as a company) are clever - they make comfy shoes, but they do them in a huge range of colours and patterns. I now have 7 pairs of these slip ons, and they are one of the most comfy shoes I have worn. My latest buy has been a black red and cream logo check pattern.

There was a special offer on a pair of white and red check I saw last night for very little money, but they reminded me of something a waiter at the Little Chef would wear as his uniform.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gola eBoy Hi-tops

I'm one of these people who won't take my shoes off unless I'm in bed. If I walk around the house in socks, my feet get really cold quite quickly. So I just leave my shoes on. The benefit is that I am impervious to pain when standing on sharp things or spillages in the kitchen, and can immediately run outside to the gate for a parcel or whatever. Aren't I a clever sausage?!

Now that it's very cold outside (snowing in fact!), I don't wear my Vans classic slip-ons outside. They make my feet cold because they are thin canvas, and if they get wet, so do my socks.

So I've been wearing my Gola eBoy hi-tops. After a couple of weeks of wear, this is what they're like now:
They look great, and the only sign of wear (aside from the white soles going dirty) is at the crease of the toe as you walk - some of the graphic imprint is flaking off. It's not visible until you get really close though.