Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mysterious Cities of Gold DVD Box Set

I'd been umming and ahhing about whether to buy this for the last two weeks for £39.99 from the HMV website (where you get all the exclusive extras in the box). It was out of stock - stock due in 7 days.

I clicked refresh today to see if it's in stock, and YES it is! BUT it's now £49.99! Argh!

Silly me always waiting too long and thinking things through too much.

It has happened 3 times this week. I saw a nice pair of stripey Paul Smith socks on, bookmarked them, thought about buying them (£14 - which works out at £7 per sock), decided to buy them, and they were no longer on the website (or any others I could find). The other time was a nice chair from Boss Design - again mentioned several years ago on this blog. I want another one. I asked if they were still made back in April. They said yes. I bottled out. I asked this week. They said they may be able to cobble one together from spare parts...I am waiting for them to get back to me, but it doesn't sound too good!

Gola eBoys - to splurge or not to splurge?

Now it's getting cold, I'm wearing my Gola eBoy hi-top trainers shown in a recent post. They are so cool. But now I want more. At twice the price, the ones below are tempting me.
Someone suggested I should think about the £10 sale pair of Vans I got, and how, if I bought these, the average price of each pair of trainers would be just £45. Clever! I feel so guilty splurging on extravagances like these. I have lived on no money for at least a year now so I am out of practice in spending, and shoes seem to be the only thing I'm buying.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bye bye Bill, he's off to the BBC

So the great Bill Buckley has gone to BBC London 94.9.

It's a lovely day here, but I'm on my own, so feeling at a loose end. I don't need to do anything in the garden because we have a pair of gardeners who look after it now. I do have to water the new turf next to the new path, but only once the sun has gone down.

I might eat a Snickers bar.

Yes. I'm eating it now.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bill Buckley leaves LBC overnights

LBC's hidden gem Bill Buckley announced he's leaving weekday overnights next Wednesday.

This means I will be re-thinking my sleeping habits! Who will replace him?
Not much new talent on the cusp - Nick Conrad is too young to be interesting, and Marcus Churchill has already been on LBC and has views I do not agree with which aren't condusive to a pleasant evening's listening.

When I first started listening to LBC, Iain Lee was doing drivetime. Now I'll probably only ever listen to a bit of James Whale in the background when I eat my dinner. It's all rather formal and news-driven now, which is boring because they discuss the same things again and again. I enjoyed the unpredictable straight-to-air sessions with Iain Lee and Clive Bull. I suppose when management get Anne Widdecombe to act as a fill-in presenter, they've given up caring what the listeners think.

I will miss Bill.

Will LBC miss me?
(I fear not, as I don't need to: buy OAP chairs from the Chair Centre, any Sky subscription packages, ever want to use any no-win-no-fee solicitors, ever smuggle sausages through customs, ever bid in the 'how low' auctions, etc.)

LBC Presenter Hand-overs

The part I enjoy the most is presenter hand-overs - mostly betwen Clive Bull and Bill Buckley. There's real warmth between those two, and it's a pleasure to hear.

Tonight however, Nick Abbot (sitting in for Clive) chatted to Bill Buckley. You can tell they aren't mad keen fans of each other, so there's an underlying tension of formality and unease.

On the topic of water meters, Nick quotes Ken Livingstone's advice of "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down"
Nick then advises, "if you let it mellow for too long you can grow potatoes in your toilet".

On the topic of oysters (Bill had just been to some sort of oyster tasting party)
Nick opines, "I had an oyster once, and it was like the sea had coughed up in my mouth"

Maybe you had to be there (if so, download the podcast from today) but those two rattley old puffin comments made me laugh out loud.

As an aside, I met Nick Abbot a few times in person in the office at Virgin Radio, and although it was about 9 years ago, he didn't seem grumpy or as ratty as he sounds on LBC today. But he was getting paid a large amount to play music there. He was highly amused that I thought the station was computerised (it wasn't - it still used CDs and Sonifex's future of tape carts - 'discarts' (3.5" floppy discs that acted like carts).