Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vans Slip Ons - conclusion

Vans slip ons made in Vietnam seem to have a wider fitting at the heel (so they feel like they are slipping off on each step) than the Vans made in China. A difference to the extent that I had to send a pair back because they didn't fit.


Everyone knows Antioch in California because of the weirdo people who kidnapped that girl, but I know it as the name of the spider in the Rock a-fire Explosion animatronic show! (named after a shopping centre where one of the first sets was installed).

Dave Gorman, commercial voice-over on Homebase TV ads

I'm glad Homebase has seen the error of their ways and ditched Dave Gorman (a comedian who few people have heard of, let alone recognise his lispy-forgettable voice) from their TV adverts.

Surely paying him as a 'recognisable voice' did not pay off. He's not immediately associated with showbiz, glamour or DIY. Best have a generic voice-artist I would have said. And cheaper.

He gets some great reviews on Chortle, including, "Smug, bland, self-satisfied wanker". Other reviews are less kind, calling him "a monumental bore".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

British Tax, and why try harder?

After my annual meeting with my accountant, it seems that as a business owner, it really isn't worth paying yourself more than £30,000 per year as a dividend from your business. Why? Because from next year, anything over this figure will be taxed at 50%.

Bear in mind that profits from the business are already taxed at 21%. So any profit you make get taxed 21%. Then you can pay yourself a dividend of the net profits of anything up to 6k at zero tax, then 24k at 20% tax but to pay yourself anything over the 30k would really hurt.

So you keep the profits in the company account.
Or buy a nice Bentley as a company car which is what I feel like doing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sky TV football

Sky's latest blanket media advertising says "Football. We know how you feel about it. Because we feel the same"

So, total and utter contempt and tedium then?

Yes, me too.

Strange, then, how you have about 14 channels devoted to it and insist on including it in news reports on your news channel. I wouldn't say sport was news because it is irrelevant and boring, particularly so to any viewers who do not care for it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shoe Review

My new shoes are now naturally selecting themselves.
Further to my last post, I have returned one pair and am considering returning another.

The multi-coloured Converse All Stars, pictured in the previous post, look great. Super cloth colours - you could just wear normal socks with them and they'd look so colourful. However, there doesn't appear to be enough structure on the heel to keep the shoe attached to your foot, ie the heel support is too low to actually 'grab' on to your foot, so they feel like they are perpetually falling off. So unfortunately they have been returned.

The blue suede Vans slip-ons with the cool retro box look great, but I am currently assessing whether they are actually too loose. Which is odd. I have 4 pairs of size 11UK Vans slip-ons. They all fit perfectly. When you first get them, they are a bit stiff, but you wear them for about a week and they soften up and expand a bit like all new shoes do, and then are super-comfy. They have a cloth upper and are made in China. However, the suede ones are made in Vietnam. They feel a little bit tighter, which is natural because the suede is a thicker material. But they move on the heel too, as if they're not clinging on as much as they should be - it feels loose, even with thicker socks. Is this down to a difference in manufacturing procedure in Vietnam as opposed to China?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vans, Converse, Golas - shoes!

I'm going through a shoe buying phase at the moment. Upon reflection, I do now have a lot of shoes. Almost all trainers and 'leisure shoes' as I don't have to dress formally these days. Unless I'm in court - haha, just kidding.

I got some corkers recently.

I now have a total of 5 pairs of Vans slip-ons (above). Why? Very comfy, and because the tops are cloth, they let your feet be cool. Probably not too great for winter or wet weather though, so I got a pair made from suede (below). Office had a pair on offer for just £10, but they're normally about £35. Lots of colours and patterns to choose from. Very 'in' at the moment.

Very retro 1980s box, I thought.

I also have one pair of white Converse All Stars lo-tops (or whatever) from amazon. Everyone goes on about them, and you see them everywhere - the most popular shoe at the moment? Anyway, they're ok. They squeak at the heel after you've worn them for a few hours. I'm testing wearing them more loosely to see if that helps. And different thickness socks. A few people I know have them and they squeak too.

I splashed out on a new pair from Schuh which have a multi-coloured rim so it looks like they're made from about 10 different colours of canvas. I'm toying with the idea of getting some orangey/yellow hi tops, but I think I've spent more money than I actually have on shoes this month.

I also got some very cool limited edition Gola eBoy hi-tops. Look them up - they are well w00t!

Spitting Image book

I started reading an old Spitting Image book on the toilet this evening. Circa 1986, spin-off comedy books from TV series I really do find amusing! Gems I have read include the aforementioned, the League of Gentlemen (excellent place names on the map of Royston Vasey) and the Fast Show. I have another Spitting Image one which is all comic strips. Very 'of its time' naturally, with the
lampooning of political and TV figures. No celebrities, because they didn't exist in the 1980s - only people who were famous for having a talent....if you know what I mean!

Sunday with HitchCOCK

I'm gradually working through all the Alfred Hitchcock films we got for Christmas. I think my fave so far is Rear Window. The worst is The Trouble with Harry which I watched last night, and we both fell asleep. It was a black comedy and different to his usual film style, so maybe that was why.

There was some good TV on this afternoon for a change! I watched a well made documentary about the staff of a US Air Force aircraft carrier. It was on Nat Geo HD, a new HD channel we now receive. At the end I wondered, why I felt it was so good. NO NARRATOR. The staff themselves led the story.

Then we started watching the Pirates of Penzance - an outrageous(?!) stage version filmed in Australia. The first few scenes were laugh-out loud funny - more the actors than the songs though.

We curtailed this to tidy up for tomorrow's installation. Hopefully, unless swine flu has struck their staff, we're having automated gates and intercom installed tomorrow. Not cheap things I have discovered, with every add-on (light sensors so they don't close on your car, keyfobs, etc.) being 3 figures!