Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sarah Kennedy - we love you!

Just read this, and why shouldn't she say that?

I think she's great.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cursed Trampolines

Curse B&Q for offering £40 off their trampoline. My neighbour bought one, and what was usually a peaceful Saturday afternoon was filled with 4 hours of incessant children screaming.

Then the rain came and they buggered off inside. Bless the rain and may more of it come every time they are about have a session.

Noise really gets to me. I think I'm hyper-sensitive. But I have been told to think positively about it - at least it is the sound of kids having fun, and it's through the day. Not a noisy party or drinking barbeque going into the early hours. When you look at satellite photos of this area, there's almost a trampoline in every other garden. My neighbours is like an Olympic sized one. I wondered if they'd thought the measurements were in feet not metres.

It's like David Niven when he gave instructions to French builders to dig his swimming pool before he went off to film a movie. Niv gave the measurements in feet, and they dug in metres. In the end he had the deepest swimming pool in all of Europe!

Re-discovering MJ's music. I have Thriller and Bad on cassette tape, and HIStory on CD. I ordered the Live in Bucharest DVD. There's not many DVDs of his concerts. I think I saw the Bucharest one live on TV when it was on. I think I was 12. Bless him though.

Summer thoughts

I tried Twitter, but I like being able to type more than 140 characters. And no-one seems to care - unless you have thousands of followers, everyone just seems to follow you so that you will follow them, as some sort of self-promoting marketing. Silly really. No-wonder no one has bought the company yet.

It's funny that on Facebook, the only friends who have been clearly outraged by the BNP enough to join some sort of ousting group have all been white. None of my Indian or Asian friends really care. And indeed why should they - they are born British and doing very well for themselves as doctors, bankers and scientists.