Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Business Serve - height of incompetency

Aahhhh, I'd forgotten how totally shit Business Serve were until I read an old email from 2002. I had complained that, for no reason, they had deleted all the website files from my customer's website without reason, warning or even letting her know - over a month ago!:

Any compensation / refund requests must be made in writing to Shane Fisher, Customer Support Manager ( ). I should point out however; that according to the terms and conditions ( ) Clause 1.13 - we do not compensate for loss of service.

Kind Regards

Geoff Collins
Business Serve Support Team

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woodland Trading, Doha, Qatar

Jimmy Joseph of Woodland Trading in Qatar owes me money he promised he would pay me and hasn't.

Be warned anyone dealing with Jimmy Joseph or his brother, Babu Joseph of Woodland Trading of Doha Qatar.

He is a liar.

Voice-overs on TV adverts in the UK - crap!

My God, the lack of voice-over talent in the UK is really obvious...

The latest Homebase advert uses a lisping Dave Gorman - bearded nerdy twat with a boring voice and no delivery style to speak of.

Then there's Jane Horrocks doing the Tesco advert, talking to us like we're 3 year olds about how even though Tesco are more expensive than Asda, they're not and we're all stupid to believe Asda's adverts. Even though Asda are cheaper.

Now she's doing UK Road Tax adverts on the radio.

Sky 1 continuity announcer woman who literally SHOUTS all over the end credits of the programme you've just watched. What on earth they were thinking when they get her in is BEYOND me and surely every viewer must hit the MUTE button - her voice is like fingernails down a blackboard. NOTHING going for it at all.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Companies House website CLOSED at night?!?!

Just tried to file my annual return on the Government run Companies House website.

The website CLOSES at midnight until 7am every day.


Which century is the government living in?!?!?!