Friday, March 27, 2009

Plumbers and bathrooms, joiners and doors

My bathroom consists of a shower cubicle, basin, toilet and bidet. They were fitted by the previous owner of the house, so the toilet is free standing about a foot from the wall, the sink is on the wrong side of the room and the shower cubicle doors frequently fall off. He was a bit of a bodjer.

The plumber was here for 10 days and had to leave to go into hospital to have his varicose veins removed. In that time, he took the old bathroom furniture out, took off the grotesque 'enchanted sea' tiles to reveal another hidden layer of tiles beneath. He took these tiles off too, with which came lumps of plasterboard. So he ended up re-plasterboarding the whole room which set him back 3 days and cost me £450.

The shower tray's waste was in the opposite corner of where it should be, so he was complaining about what 'bad plumbing pratice' it was to have the waste pipe going under the tray, making the water travel a long distance. Then he fitted the sliding shower enclosure door the wrong way around, so I would have to squeeze past the toilet with about a 5 inch gap between them to get into the shower. I told him, he removed it and fitted it the right way round. More delay because of that.

Then he discovered that the Splashwalls from some company in Perth which had been delivered a few weeks beforehand were all damaged - scratched and cracked. It seems the laminate company who send them out think that one sheet of polythene is enough to protect a 2.4m x 1.4m white gloss screen from couriers throwing them around! WRONG! In the end we had to go for the PVC cladding, which actually doesn't look too bad. My only worry is if any water gets down the 'sealed' joins between each strip, I don't know where it goes.

The plumber then plastered the room, tiled the room, fitted the toilet and had to go off for his operation.

The shower is great, but because the wrong rated RCD is in the fusebox (32A not 40A), it cuts out after about 10 minutes. The sliding door surround leaks so I have to shower in one corner and have a towel ready to mop up the leak. Water seems to enter via one of the joins in the sliding door frame.

We've just had a joiner round for a day. He's been fitting 8 interior doors upstairs. His apprentice was with him yesterday. He was a tall chap who drove a BMW...and seemed to do a better job than the joiner. The joiner came back to finish up this morning, but before he could dash off, I checked what he'd done. There were still large ugly holes in the door frame where the previous door's latch fitted in, which he didn't seem to think I'd notice. He hadn't taken off the nailed-on frame surround in the bathroom which had split, or fitted a towel hook on the back of either bathroom door as requested. He's gone off to get the filler for these holes.....let's see if he ever returns....

I'm a bit pissed off with both of them really. Especially the joiner at his total lack of finishing off. Beutiful oak doors - bloody big ugly holes in the frames left there as if we wouldn't notice. Idiot.

The plumber will return on Monday - perhaps - after recovering. He will fit my sink and bidet and tower radiator. Then start work on the main bathroom................

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Buzzing phone

I've eventually found why my phone buzzed like there was a dildo on the other line whenever anyone called me. It was some old cordless BT phone that's about 7 years old. Great phone, but if it makes a noise like that at the start of all conversations, it makes me sound a bit tinpot.

Upon reflection, a busy week. Unfortunately, in busy weeks lots of little jobs get left by the wayside, so I'm trying to catch up on replying to emails - translating my response into Japanese and French so far.

My sleeping pattern was rubbish this week. I didn't get any more than 4 hours sleep each day (I usually prefer 8). Last night though I slept for 15 hours in total with a 2 hour interval.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Footwear compliment

A busy day today.

I had my big TV mounted on the wall in my lounge. Major feat of engineering getting it done properly! Superb now though, because I can get rid of the TV unit which ate into the space. Also had my Bose Panaray 502As mounted on the wall with it. My 10" subwoofer (which I got for £95 instead of £486 - surely a pricing error!) compliments the system.

I did have a very ugly JVC hi-fi with incredible bass response (went down to 20Hz!) but as with a number of JVC hi-fis, after a while they just 'crash' all the time and don't respond to the remote until you 'reboot' it by unplugging from the mains. This one started having intermittent problems with the aux in connection too.

The young and trendy delivery driver who delivered my Sony amp complimented me on my cool multi-coloured 'demon' Vans slip-ons. I don't get the trial by jury I used to where I worked, so it was nice to hear I'm trendy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Judge Spencer is a moron

Trying to find some grey Vans in my size - harder than it should be! Bit of
a battle to find them, but got some in the end. Why they call them "Steeple"
and not just "grey" is anyone's guess.

The court case was today where my tenant, who has not paid rent for over 3
months (£1,800) was instructed by the British judge to pay me. Good you
think? Hmmm. £3.07 per week. So it will take over 11 years for my tenant to
pay me what she owes me, without interest. Excuse me if I conclude that the
judge is a cunt and my tenant a twat.

Let's hope March gets better.