Saturday, February 28, 2009

Classic Facebook Group


i was on the tour ride taking a video then the fucken shark thing popped out
at me and my fone went flying into the ocean pool thing.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Too many commercials on TV

Moving Wallpaper is back on ITV1 and superb. Nearly Larry Sanders standard. Really enjoyed it. And no Echo Beach to follow it.

I don't wantch much TV these days. Anything I do watch, I record it so I can fast forward through the huge number of adverts. They relaxed regulations regarding how many adverts could be played per hour on UK TV, and by doing this makes 18 minutes of adverts terribly irritating, for me, making commercial TV essentially unwatchable.

I have had a busy week. I am doing my arm excercises to try and stop the RSI pain in my hands I've had for years. It does seem to work but I so often forget to do them.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Faith, Hope & Charity

Recevied a lovely bouquet of flowers, wine and chocolates from Marks & Spencers today. Someone had forgotten my birthday last month and suddenly felt guilty!

A busy month. Everything arriving by courier for the new bathrooms - a few deliveries each day for a couple of weeks. Hilarious when more than one arrives at once.

Listening to these voice-over people who advertise on Google, they sound so rubbish! Is it a pity that the internet has given them the opportunity to showcase their mock-up Capital FM idents and pretend global cosmetic brand adverts they paid a recording studio to put on a CD for £300?

Am on the verge of switching to Asda mobile PAYG - 8p calls and 4p texts beats Virgin I'm afraid. Just have to get my phone unlocked somewhere.