Sunday, November 09, 2008

Latest rant

I heard Borders' podcast uses Susan Spence as the presenter. I hear her sometimes on LBC and don't think she's that great as a presenter. Not a particularly nice voice. I don't know why there isn't a resurgence in the popularity in nice deep rich RP voices for continuity and podcasts. So many thick Irish accents (eg the woman on the One Show).

There's a young lady continuity announcer who does BBC 3 and BBC1 whose voice is abhorent. It's overly husky - breaks regularly as if she has a hangover or some sort of sore throat all the time. I've heard her almost abort a continuity link because she could hardly get the words out as her voice was cracking. What the BBC continuity department are thinking boggles the mind. There are so many good voice-overs out there, it's a pity they're so underused.

DAB radio seems to have totally lost its way - only broadcasting a small handful of stations that aren't already on FM. GCap pulled the plug on most of their digital-only offerings, so there's several 'test' channels broadcasting silence or bird song. What was once the number one Christmas gift is now a dead fish!

Now this Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross thing. I don't think anyone would be defending them if they'd called up someone to say they'd slept with their muslim daughter. They'd probably be certain people asking for them to be beheaded.

I remember when I started listening to Radio 2, it had Derek and Ellen Jameson on at night, then Charles Nove, Steve Madden, and sometimes even Jon Briggs (now station promo voice) presnting entertaining music radio. Roger Royle gave tours of churches around the UK, Judi Spiers at weekends, Martin Kelner was about as edgy as it got. How things have changed. Apart from Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce, Alex Lester and Sarah Kennedy who are all still there, bless 'em.

So the British public are funding a several month long legal case about that Brazilian guy whose name is pronounced differently on every news bulletin you hear who was shot on the tube because he had a huge coat on in the summer and ran away from the police despite being asked to stop, the day after a failed terrorist attack in London. Not the best thing to do really, which is why he was shot. Then there are all these witnesses on the tube saying how crap the police were. Well people, the police were only trying to SAVE YOUR LIVES. How ungrateful you all are.
I'm sure you wouldn't get this in Russia. Or most other countries in the world as a matter of fact.

There's a shocking radio advert for BP on at the moment where one appaling voice actress tries to do many regional accents of the UK. Well, the Geordie accent is dire - it sounds like a Welsh Pakistani. Rubbish.

I don't think I like Dermot O'Leary. His voice sounds rather phlegmy all the time, he sounds like he's in a constant fight with his teeth to get words out, and the personality isn't showing through on X Factor. Kate Thornton was far superior in the rolé as host.

Can I ask what the point is of the MTV Europe Music Awards, when everyone who wins an award is American? MTV in the USA have their own music awards, and surprisingly enough, everyone who wins those awards is American too. I just don't see the point of a duplicatory slap on the back award ceremony where the winners are the same.