Sunday, October 12, 2008

You'd think the world was about to end

As the world appears to be doomed financially (if you watch the news), I wonder why charities have so many millions of pounds in the bank. I thought that they should spend it on the actual cause they proport to be helping. Then the local councils who have millions snaffled away in Icelandic banks. Why not British banks? So much for supporting the UK, let alone the community who pay the millions of council tax each month.

I must say, I'm not sure I trust anyone. I bank with a bank who doesn't get mentioned in any of these reports. But even so, you do wonder. Should I take all my money out in cash?

I've discovered a clever gadget that digitises video onto your computer. It's from Pinnacle, and you just plug your video into it and it'll digitise what you want onto a USB memory stick or external hard drive. So much to digitise though!

I'm busy with work - customers calling asking the most obvious questions whose answers are in big bold letters on the website. I do get quite annoyed and hope it doesn't come across to legitimate enquirers.