Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn in the air

Almost 3 weeks since my last post.

Sliding door wardrobe fitted on Saturday has transformed my upstairs office. 20 minutes later and I'd stripped all the flowery wallpaper from the walls (surprisingly easy!) from the previous owners, and the place was more my own. Now 2 x bookcases from the dining room moved up for better access and the room is done...for now, in one afternoon! (after 7 months of being a dumping ground).

Electrician coming round again next Monday. I think I am his retirement fund provider - he's been employed by me for about 11 days in total. The most work he's ever done for one person!

I made the decision to acoustically treat my office rather than buy a vocal booth. I live in a quiet area so outside noise isn't an issue. Apart from the man with the very small penis who has a loud Harley Davidson who drives up and down every so often. He's a twat.

So is Simon Cowell. There's most of Britain recyling, in fear of the British Government's bully-boy green lobby, and then on X Factor, Simon Cowell and the other judges arriving at destinations separately in 4 - yes FOUR helicopters flying within 50 yards of one another in the air. Couldn't you all get in ONE helicopter? Do you all have BO? What the fuck is going on there?

There's talk of incandescent light bulb hoarders. I'm not one, but I do have over 200 halogen bulbs spare. Mainly due to me losing a box of 100 and needing new ones urgently. Anyway, I have about 90 downlighters in my house and in 6 months only one bulb has needed to be replaced. I have a secret on how to achieve such a low blow rate. Underload your transformer by 10 watts and only have 2 lights per transformer (i.e. 2 x 20w bulbs per 1 x 60VA trans). There, saved you pounds!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Farewell Don LaFontaine

I was sad to hear that voice-over legend Don LaFontaine died yesterday. He was THE voice you heard on movie trailers. Sounded like a nice guy.

Why I don't like Apple Macs

macs are built by apple. they only use several manufacturers. this means that they cost a fortune as there is no competition. only apple make macs. badly.

PCs can be built using components from hundreds of companies. this means that they promote diversity and cost less. not to mention the fact that they have better components than a mac, such as SLI triple graphics and nice, cheap but highly advanced AMD processors.

if PCs did not exist, a mac would cost £4000 and would still be using the pathetic apple G4 processor, as there would be no manufacturers to promote competition and research.

if Macs did not exist, the PC would still be exactly where it is today - cheaper and better.

The End.

-- from Facebook.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Autumn is now

Well, that was summer! Last day of August and just one hot bout of weather all season. I'm not a fan of hot weather, but I don't like it when it rains a lot so you can't do anything outside. I've still got the front hedges to cut, and the grass in the back garden. But when it's wet, you can't really do it.

I have installed two water butts - 205 litres each, which will collect rainwater from the roof of the entire house bar the conservatory and one side of the garage roof. One is already full after a few hours, but when it's raining so often, you don't need to use the water in them!

The opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics in Beijing were spectacular. I recorded them in HD (they take up tons of recording space! something like 4x normal TV). I always cry at those ceremonies. Everyone seems to want world peace, be a global family of friends, get along, etc., just a nice sentiment.

For the first time in living memory, I have my company accounts up to date. No receipts or invoices on my desk. A great feeling.

My new JVC hi-fi which plays music from USB memory sticks arrived last week. Less than half the retail price as it was refurbished, but looked totally new and untouched. Not bad sound, not exactly feature packed but for £40 I'm very happy. And have ordered another one.

Am I an information junkie? I have 2 internal hard drives, 3 external ones, and save everything. I back everything up and never delete it. Even stuff that's over 4 years old that I haven't looked at since archiving it. If it were physical items, it'd be clutter and I'd throw it away because it would be getting in the way. But it's 'invisible' - hidden in the little whirring boxes.

Should I be bold and delete great swathes of files which I will probably never need just to make future archiving easier? Why do I feel the need to save so much of it all?

I'd like to buy 4141 Office Parkway in Dallas, Texas. It was built in 1961 for PAMS Productions who made radio jingles from the 1950s onwards. Then in 1978 some religious group bought it to do their tapes, and more recently Thompson Creative, a jingle company in Dallas, bought it and gutted it. But it appears to be on the market once more. Was this rennovation a pet project of Thompson Creative (who bought JAM Creative Production's old building in the late 1980s too)? I'm not sure if Thompson still own the old JAM building or whether they moved totally to the 4141 Office Parkway address. The estate agents selling the building are also selling next door too. You could potentially own a fair amount of space on Office Parkway in Dallas if you had a couple of mil to spare! Not sure if you buy the 'magic' that went on in the building or whether it left with the people....

Have a good September!