Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today I received 375 pens with my company name on. They are very nice, but I hope that this time I will get my act together and send them out to existing and potential customers instead of giving my suppliers handfuls of them to use in their office (which doesn't really benefit my company).

I have so much more energy now that I do not work weekends. I'm quite surprised.

The sun has not been shining as much as it was last week, but I feel more like doing things when I'm not so hot all the time.

I watched the programme called "Britain from the air" this afternoon in high-definition. It mentioned the spike in power required for the United Kingdom's energy consumption whilst 2 million people put their kettles on for a cup of tea after watching Eastenders! Apparently this is unique to Britain. I did notice that the gentleman in charge of co-ordinating 18 power stations to provide this power from the North of Scotland to France has the same telephone/answerphone as I do on my desk! It's the little things like that which amuse me.

My old work boss Paula came round today. She was looking very well indeed and made some lovely comments about my house. It was a pity it was raining so heavily because I couldn't take her down the garden path to the woods.

It was very still in terms of wind this afternoon so I took the opportunity to do some filming of smoke machines in the garden. I'm glad I did because the footage is excellent. I have always recorded it on slightly windy days down in the woods which never really gave a particularly great impression of the volume of fog generated by one of the machines. Another order arrived from CPC today. It's a bit like Christmas when one of those boxes arrives. Well, perhaps a geek Christmas! Power extension leads, a long arm stapler, rechargeable batteries, parcel tape guns, - I was in heaven! All now absorbed into the house. boo!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Relax this weekend

It will be a nice quiet weekend at home this weekend. I didn't realise how much energy my weekend job took away from me. With my extra energy I've been mowing the lawn, sorting out the garage, I built a shed this afternoon, vacuumed, re-arranged the upstairs office, then I've had to empty the other garage because I have a tennant moving their furniture in this weekend.

The aggravating thing is that they were going to move in tomorrow, but because the letting agent's staff are on holiday, there aren't enough people to do all the work so they've not been able to draw up a contract! I'm wondering whether to get stroppy and say I've lost a week's rent because of this.

Being at work for two days did mean I was away from sitting at the computer for a time. My RSI reared its head earlier this week. I need to take more breaks. I still have a pile of invoices and receipts to put into my accounts software.

I had an energising meeting with two company directors on Tuesday. We talked for a few hours about running our respective businesses, what customers are like, whether it's worth bothering with small orders (a concept I'd never considered) and the benefits / disebenfits / reactions to price increases. Quite inspiring, and I am considering doing an MBA now.

Here's to a good weekend!