Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's have a laugh - office chair scene

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Merry month of May

I'm currently under attack. Thankfully from minor ailments. The midges seem to have it in for me, last night being somehow able to get through my sock and bit my ankle which has swollen today (and is of course very itchy!). Hydrocortisone cream recommended by the chemist gave my leg a 'bruise' look on another bite, so I'm just putting ice on them for the time being.

Last week I had my first day off work on my weekend job since I started it in Nov '05. A cough and cold had got the better of me and even though I'd been given a lift in to work on the Sunday, everyone said I should go home because I wasn't able to finish sentences without coughing fits. At least I showed willing, but was apologetic to the pal who'd given me a lift - he had to take me back home again!

Back to the weekday job, and I think the end of the financial year went well. I was buying stock for the next year so as to 'off-set' what I predicted would be a huge corporation tax bill. I think I have averted that this time, but maybe now is the time to think retirement plans to get my future backed-up.

On a geek note: It was interesting to see the use of Sennheiser MD421s with windsheilds on the Eurovision Semi Finals on BBC3, I've never seen the used in-vision before. I joined in and held my exact same one on the sofa as I watched!

The trees in the back garden have leafed up superbly. I'm not sure exactly what type some of them are. It means that the garden is totally private now, bar a tiny gap where I can see a road, but we've got 4x Leyland cypresses to put in the gaps which grow up to 90cm per year. There's a new heightened fence around one side of the conservatory for added privacy (we're private people here!) and I've got to use my new nail gun to attach some brushwood screening to it to soften the look a bit.

We had a lovely walk in the country today after lunch. But how do you scare off cows? We have to go through a field which is sometimes full of cows and we were once 'chased' by a bull. We saw some curlews and big wild black rabbits.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Football changing room floors

I sincerely dislike football, but here's something I don't understand.

So, you've got a team of footballers who are each getting paid £3m per day to play football, and they're in the changing rooms putting their little booties on with the studs on the bottom. Then they're all slippy on the slippy floor. They could fall over and injure themselves. I've fallen over wearing studded football shoes on contrete before, and it bloody hurts. With the amount of money they're getting paid, you'd think the club could afford to have the changing rooms fitted with a new carpet every single week to prevent any slips or falls.

It's a health & safety disaster!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Burma can bugger off

Oh, how nice it was of Burma to ACCEPT AID from us.
What a lovely country to have to spend time considering whether it wants any of the rest of humanity to assist the helpless victims.
Personally, I think we should sort out the problems in our own respective countries before we start being so generous with other countries - I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE BURMA IS, BUT MY GOVERNMENT IS SENDING MY TAX MONEY OVER THERE.
I'd prefer my government to fill in the pot holes in the roads I use, build more jails for all the criminals, get rid of fatal MRSA virus in our hospitals, educate children so that they can actually read and write cohesive English, et al... ALTERNATIVELY, we could just give millions to countries who hate us.

Friday, May 02, 2008

AWESOME! Signature, dance act