Friday, April 18, 2008

Ungrateful shit 'Jester' Ian Wright attacks BBC!

"Footballer turned TV pundit Ian Wright has said he no longer wishes to work at the BBC, claiming he was made "a comedy jester" by the corporation."

The fact that the BBC gave him - a talented footballer perhaps, but a talented presenter NOT - prime-time Saturday night TV vehicles such as "Friends Like These" clearly seems to have been forgotten by the ungrateful jester.

I wonder what he'll do now...I certainly go out of my way to avoid watching whatever he's on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Radio gives no choice

I don't know what's going on in local radio these days.

We have 6 local radio stations here.

TFM - pop music from 80s - today
BBC Tees - speech and pop music from 60s - today
Galaxy - dance and RnB
Century - pop music from 60s - today
Smooth - pop music from 60s - today
Magic - pop music from 60s - today

Can someone from Ofcom tell me where is the variety here in the north east? Where are the niche stations serving different age groups with different tastes, whether music or talk?

I switch on digital radio, where once great stations such as Primetime Radio and Capital Disney won awards. Both now long gone along with OneWord. Capital Life is silent, theJazz is silent, BFBS is silent, there are two channels broadcasting the same Smooth station (same as FM), there are two channels broadcasting the same Real Radio (Smooth with a different name) station, there are two channels broadcasting the same LBC, two stations broadcasting the same Heart, two stations broadcasting the same KISS, two stations broadcasting the same Galaxy (same as FM).

Is this all because people listen to their ipods? It's certainly not offering an alternative.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oooh the expense!

I'd love to see some of this global warming we're paying this government for.

It's raining.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Label Printer Changed My Life

I've just bought a Brother P-Touch QL-500 thermal label printer.

Why hadn't I got one sooner? This thing is brilliant!

So easy to print labels. I've got 3 rolls of different sized labels, from little ones for files and spines, a return address label and larger shipping labels.

It does pictures and everything. I can't wait to get some orders so I can use it. The address labels look really pro.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A week of achievement

Real progress is being made in my house now. We've had the electrician round for 4 days last week installing the downlighters that our garage door installer's electrician son was supposed to be doing, but 6 weeks on we've giving up hope with him. My electrician is a really hard worker and I help where I can to achieve more. I just need to find a good plumber now!

We now have lights in the lounge, hall, landing, downstairs office, upstairs office, kitchen, utility room, front garden and porch, and he'll be back this week to do both upstairs bathrooms, 3 more bedrooms, exterior sockets, ceiling fan, etc.

Today I'm going out to order some carpets for 2 rooms so we can get them completed. Then the joiner will be over to fit the 5 oak doors downstairs.

It's been snowing and raining in between bright sunshine. A lot is happening!

Olympic Torch Relay in London

I'm glad Konnie Huq was the one protesters chose to grab the Olympic torch from. She's a bloody useless drippy 'presenter' - why was she in the torch relay anyway? Why was Trevor McDoughnut in it as well?

What a load of old rubbish!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Red in tooth and claw

Yesterday afternoon, we were in the dining room which is a makeshift office until the electrics are finished, when a pigeon flew into the window pane with a loud bang. Its silhoutte of wax from its feathers is perfectly captured on the window, complete with outstretched wings, beak, eyes, etc.

We both jumped up to see what was going on, and it appeared a hawk was attacking the pigeon.

The hawk flew off into the trees, but the pigeon hid under a bush near the fence to recover. It was there for a few hours, then when I tried to help it out, it got a bit stuck between the bits of fence post. It managed to free itself and attempted to fly away without success, so wandered off onto the neighbour's patio.

However interesting it is to have a hawk in your back garden, I don't want it killing all the birds who we put seed out every day for. I'm not a pigeon fan, and we don't put the seed out for the pigeons, rather the yellow hammers, bullfinches, robins, tits and pheasant. But I don't like it when bigger birds bully smaller ones.

So nur.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How's my customer service? RATE ME OUT OF 5

Where I work, much emphasis is put on the store's customer satisfaction rating, as calculated by customers' responses to a voluntary phone survey. The tills randomly spew out a receipt slip with a free phone number on, asking customers to call it and give their opinions on their visit that day.

Their score on each question is on a scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being the best and 1 the worst. If customers rate us 4, they may as well have rated us 1 because the score only counts as positive if we get 5s for each question. We get bonuses if our average score is above a certain percentage for that period (usually a few months).

Of course, the whole thing is flawed. Last time, we all kept enough slips in our pockets to call up from home (and on occasion, work) and press 5 for every question. This boosted our rating and we all got our bonuses.

The managers go on at us about keeping the score high. This is futile. I've just called up, and a number of the questions we, as lowly retail staff on a minimum wage, have absolutely no control over.

Things like:
'how comfortable was the seating?',
'how fair was the pricing in terms of value for the price paid?',
'how clean were the toilets?',
'how easy was it to move around the store?',
'were you satisfied with our product range?',
'did we have the item you wanted in stock?' etc.

Unless we are given power to procure new product lines and furniture, re-design store layout, set our stores pricing policy and stock levels and employ cleaners who don't turn up drunk every morning, I really don't see how we can affect the answers to the questions posed above. It's all dictated by a central office over 350 miles away, who are themselves dictated to by a corporate office in the USA.