Wednesday, February 27, 2008

EU fine Microsoft

I hope the European Commission are going to do something good with the money they fined Microsoft.

Microsoft would be giving it to Bill Gates who would then give it away to his charity endeavours for the betterment of mankind.

The EU however.....

Global rubbish

I'm not sure about this whole global warming thing now.

They send our landfill via boat to China.
Idiots still buy 4x4s.
I see empty buses driving around where I live all the time.
The UK only causes 1.4% of global CO2 emissions. What difference do we really make by recycling tins?

To me, it all smacks of a way for the government to obtain even more money out of us by taxing us with 'eco-taxes' on things like petrol.

Road tax is very unfair - apparently the govt. only put a tiny amount of the collected money back into infrastructure. It goes up to encourage us to use public transport. But public transport is shit - that's why we buy cars.

This country is being murdered from the inside - commerce, daily life, are all being restricted and stifled by a greedy corrupt government who bind us in red tape preventing us from running free.


I had just got into bed, lying awake, at 0.57am this morning. Suddenly I could hear creaks from the roof and movement of the bed and seemingly the house. I thought it was the wind or perhaps that the house was about to fall down.

Luckily, I was listening to LBC and Bill Buckley whose switchboard lit up shortly afterwards, carried the news quicker than the TV ever could.

It was the biggest earthquake in the UK for over 20 years and rated 5.2 on the Richter Scale.

It was tremendously exciting, because I was safe.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why bother with curtains?

Isn't it weird how people leave their curtains open at night?

1. Why do they even have curtains if, at the one time of day you'd draw them (night), you don't draw them?
2. Wouldn't it be nicer if you were in the room to see some curtains instead of black shiny glass and orange lampost light?
3. Everyone can see into your house - your decor, posessions, you picking your nose on the sofa watching Newsnight. Do you not cherish privacy?

I took my dog for a walk last night, and I was having a good old look into everyone's houses - they all had their curtains open. At least 5 people sat up to stare back at me wondering who this figure was - do they realise I can see them looking back?

By the time I'd walked back, they'd all drawn their curtains. Yes - that's what they are for!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

James O'Brien on LBC

LBC's James O'Brien "believes every word" the monster says who tried to kill his children by jumping off a balcony in Greece.

Seeing as he's never met him, does not know him and shouldn't necessarily believe everything someone accused of attempting to murder their children says, I hope he believes what I'm about to say as someone with no criminal record or history of attempted murder.

James O'Brien is an idiot.

There. Believe that. Because it's true.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Idiot smokers

England's smoking ban is in force. But on Sunday there was a guy smoking within about 3 feet of the automatic (and open) shop doors. The blower above the door was on, so all the smoke was being unintentionally drawn into the shop.

He threw his cigarette on the floor (litter) and walked into the shop, breathing out his last lung filled breath of smoke INSIDE THE SHOP.

I then witnessed him coughing his guts up with a grotesque hacking cough for the next few minutes.

Would anyone notice if that person died?

Probably his young son who was with him, but at least then he'd lead a smoke free life and live longer himself.

Atonement, unannounced!

In August last year, I went with my mum and dog to Redcar for an ice cream.

What we walked into, unaware, was the set of Atonement which was being filmed on the beach!

Dressed as war-time Dunkirk, it was rather a lot more busy than a normal weekday, and filled with extras dressed as soldiers.

Apparently it was for some sort of 13 minute long sweeping shot.

I have yet to see the film!

Dell PCs delivered in Rolls Royce?

I'm just buying a PC for a friend and who do Dell think they're kidding with their delivery charge? For one PC it's £60 ($120).

What the hell?

I can hire a limo for less than that.

I don't know which courier they use, but I can get a PC delivered for about £15.

Blue Blood Trailer

Blue Blood: Storyville

I watched a superb documentary on BBC 2 tonight about Oxford students who wanted to be boxers at university. It was very well filmed - I hate boxing and never watch it, but when you have the back-story on why these otherwise highly intelligent posh guys wanted to do it, it really connected with me.

It is a most unlikely combination - top-flight academia and hardcore fist-fighting; the world's finest scholars downing their books to slug it out in a boxing ring. Such is the extreme curiosity of the Oxford University Boxing Club, where mild-mannered intellectuals are tutored in the art of brawling.

Blue Blood is a film that follows five young scholars, all raw novices, on their journey to become fighters. Contains strong language

Valentine's Day Cards

I woke up and couldn't open my door.

I'd lost my key.

Anthony Davis on LBC

I'm getting a bit tired on Anthony Davis these days. Talented guy, but a few shows recently have made me switch him off. One was because he was going on about the war in Iraq - as if this subject hasn't been done to death on phone-ins already.

Now he's on some big rant about binge drinking. He's rather negative about this country and doesn't always let anyone be positive about it - I heard him essentially cut an old guy off last week because he asked them a question and he clearly didn't agree with his answer.

I think he's trying to be too-inoffensive and not upset anyone. He brown-noses anyone with a foreign accent - gives them an easy ride, petrified about upsetting them or appearing controversial or racist, yet it's any British callers who always get a hard time or challenge when they call in. It's almost like positive discrimination in many ways.

Like just now, someone called Mohammed called in saying he was arrested for drunk driving. No query about why a muslim is drinking, why it's wrong - he's having a good old laugh with him, and indeed praising him! I really believe he would not be so jolly if the called was called Steve and had a cockney accent.

Internet copyright

I don't think copyright exists on the net. I have a video on youtube that someone asked about, and I've since seen that they've actually captured it and now have it hosted on their own website. I would have prefered it to have been left on youtube for me to see comments and feedback and see how many people watched it. Now I can't do that because he'll get them all. I did a humorous spoof webpage once, and someone said it was great and could they link it on their website. I said yes, and instead of actually linking to it, he saved it and hosts it on his own site.

I could understand why someone would just shrink away from publishing anything on the internet that they wanted to have any control over.

I suppose I should just get out more.