Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Business Post account

I feel I've been fleeced by Business Post. I signed up for an account with them where the driver comes to collect parcels and sends them on account. This saved me driving 8 miles to drop them off at the depot.

The price list suggested if the parcel was smaller than 30 x 30 x 30cm and less than 5kg in weight, it would cost less than £5 to send to the recipient.

However, the monthly invoice shows a different price. £17.61 to send

It's actually £10 cheaper to send things via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

I feel a bit cheated but I'm not sure if arguing with them will do any good.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hyper-sensitive racism accusors

I've just watched a couple of minutes of ultimate fighting on tv. One of the people was bleeding profusely from his face, whilst the other carried on punching him - in the face. Then the 'match' turned and the bleeding guy was dropping his elbow onto the face of the other guy - in his eyes, ears, etc.

So, we're a civilised society? I don't understand. There was no dignity shown there.

There's a gay guy at work who is rubbing a few people up the wrong way - not turning up where he's supposed to be, chatting to friends at work, getting stuff delivered to work (not done). I'm not a prude, but I was a bit shocked when my supervisor at work was telling a few of us that she didn't believe the bum was there to put anything into. I'm pretty sure you are born gay or straight or a bit of both, so what she was saying was surely equivalent to racism? He can't help being gay, and it had nothing to do with his behaviour that is causing the friction. It riled me a bit. She probably watches Graham Norton and Paul O'Grady and Gok Wan without realising.

Then someone I work with told me an anecdote about an older lady we work with who served a customer who bought a Greek cook book. She asked him if he was Greek, he said no, and she said he looked like he was Greek because of the tone of his skin. The person telling me this story finished with "How racist is that?!". I thought - well, not at all really because how was she offending anyone? It is not offensive to say someone looks Greek. Being Greek is not a bad thing. The guy telling me was 19. I'm worried that all thinking young people are brainwashed into this ultra-PC way of thinking. It's hyper-sensitive and doesn't do anyone any favours.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Idiot dog walkers around here

To the arse hole bloke who just passed me while I was walking my dog - he let two boisterous golden retrievers off the lead about 20 feet away from me while my dog was on a lead down a lane:

a) Yes, he may only be a puppy, but he's twice the size of my dog and nearly knocked me over

b) You're a dick who has no consideration for others

To the miserable old woman walking her dog who looked at me like a piece of shit after I said good afternoon to her (twice - I didn't think she heard the 1st time) : cheer up you old bint. Not everyone under 30 is going to rob you.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A reader!

I'm 'dog sitting' for the next 4 weeks. This is week 3. We've survived Bonfire Night's 'Invasion of Iraq' style air bombs for around 5 hours on the 5th, and he was pretty good - in fact, there were so many bangs he fell asleep, immune to them. My old dog was not bothered by fireworks in the slightest, but this one's much more nervous. The irony is, he hears a bang outside and starts trembling and hides behind my legs, then when I take him for a walk in the daylight, he's picking up the rocket sticks that have fallen to earth and trotting along his walk with them in his mouth! If only he knew.

It was a little bit restrictive having to be in my windowless lounge for 6 straight hours, but it was good in that it forced me to be away from this PC to stop RSI getting worse, and also I've watched a lot of Nash Bridges and World's Most Amazing Videos - I think I've seen 'em all now! I liked the title of one programme - "When Good Times Go Bad - 2!".

He's the opposite of my old dog in so many ways. He can walk off the lead - my old dog would just run off. He loves having a bath - my old one really hated it. He's very bright though - sometimes quite surprisingly so. Without training, he can fetch a specific toy by name, and also find people in the house by asking for them by name, stay, find a frog, do a wee wee, say if he wants a tripe stick, etc.

Shops have their Christmas decorations up now - wouldn't it be nice if one year we actually had "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and only had the decorations up for the 12 days beforehand? Having them up for so long dilutes their effect. We bought a pre-lit seven foot tree from the garden centre in January for half price, so we've never even seen it yet. I'm not sure where we're going to put it though.

BLOG NEWS: I have received the first comments on this blog for many, many months, which proves that it is read by one person!!! I'm tremendously excited - you should visit her blog at

(I'd better stop swearing so much!)

Internet Explorer has never crashed so much before I upgraded to IE7. It's poo (note tamer language). I've used Firefox a bit and it's quite good. Opera is nice too - especially the "Speed dial" function - how have we all lived without that for so many years?!?.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Charlie Rimmer, book store bully boy

It's hilarious to read what a twat Charlie Rimmer continues to be in the Australian book selling world.

I had the deep misforture to work with him for a couple of days a couple of years ago, and he proved himself to be a totally arrogant, idiotic, bully-boy.

Look like he's carrying on with his recent escapades documented on;

The Tax Man is Taking Over

I resent paying to have a license to watch a TV in this country. It all goes to the BBC, but in this multi-channel world it really doesn't make sense.

The BBC do some good stuff, but also some terrible stuff and pay certain presenters VAST amounts of money (Jonathan Ross' wage is the equivalent of 600 journalist's wages) . Anyone could make Eastenders, housing programmes, cooking programmes, auction programmes, etc.

We're surely the only country in the world who has to pay a license to own a TV - it's £135 (over $270 US dollars) a year.

Living in this country, you just feel like you're being taxed on everything you ever do.

I get taxed 20% on the wage I earn, I get taxed 17.5% on almost everything I buy with those wages that have already been taxed. If I save the money, I get taxed 20% on any interest my savings earn. If I buy a house with the money, I get taxed around 2% of the value of the house (average UK house price is £230,000 -- $460,000). If I drive, I have to pay road tax annually to own a car or any other vehicle. It's about £110 per year ($220). If I want to buy petrol to run the car, it's taxed 70% and is now over £1 per litre (£3.80 per gallon - $8.30 per gallon). Every year the car has to pass a test to prove its roadworthyness. That's £50 ($100). If a relative dies and leaves their house to me in their will, whatever they leave me I have to pay 40% of the value to the Government. My household waste which I put in my rubbish bin - now the gov. are seriously considering charging people for the amount of rubbish they throw into their bins ON TOP of the council tax they already pay (I pay £89 per month). The bin collection is the only thing I get out of my £89 donation to the council each month. As someone said, everyone would start burning their rubbish in their gardens to avoid paying it. There was also talk of using satellite images to tax people on the size of their gardens.

How much money does the government need? Maybe if they didn't hand it out so freely to people who can't be bothered to work or who put on fake limps to get disability, or chavs who have 14 children, or gypsy camp facilities, or overseas aid - like, why does the UK give over £236million to Pakistan? or £1billion to Africa? or £200million to India? This adds up! And we know so much of it ends up in corrupt officials' pockets. Yet still charities want us to give more.


Behind the scenes with Iain Lee at LBC 97.3

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


A friend from work has announced to his 'close friends' only that he is holding a cocktail party at his house in November. He doesn't want everyone from work knowing it's happening so he's only telling the people he wants to go. It's a tuxedo event, not celebrating anything, with a cocktail mixer person there and a possible charge at the door to cover costs.


To me, it sounds very pretentious and I will do everything in my power not to go. They spent their lunch looking for cocktail glasses in TKMaxx today. How boring.

It's not celebrating anything, he's making all attendees dress up for the sake of it, COCKTAILS!?!?


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last night (scary)

I watched the last of the 5 x live 3 hour "Most Haunted Live" programmes tonight, Halowe'en (a shit faux event, imported from America, threatening begging where children are encouraged to take sweets from strangers....).

I took my nervous dog (he doesn't like fireworks - banning them is another topic for another post) out for a walk at 11.30pm and nearly shat myself when a couple with a cocker appeared round the corner down the dark lane.

I took him round the village green. Then he suddenly jumped as some winged thing flew over our heads, then made a haunting sqwauk noise from the hedgerow. He shat himself that time. It was weird, especially considering the time of night. I've seen bats down the lane many times, but you can't hear them sqawk can you?

Some arse holes round the corner had their recycling bin out. Full of empty coke cans - but they haven't bothered to compress them - they filled their bin and will just take up space in the recycling truck with all the air inside. But these are the people who said my garden looked 'wild'. The relationship broke down from then. I just thought it was plain fucking rude.

I came back and watched a prog on Virgin 1 called "Real Life Exorcist". It was about a pastor in the US who exorcises demons from troubled people. I have an open mind but it was a very powerful thing to see and brought tears to my eyes. But so did the spirits whilstling back to Yvette Fielding on Most Haunted. It was very interesting.

I switched the doorbells back on now that there won't be any kids ringing them. I'm not sure if any did tonight - certainly no-one knocked on the door. It's annoying I had to turn all the lights off and hide out the back in my own home to avoid the invasion of privacy that trick or treating brings each year. It's a lot better here than where I used to live where the whole thing was rather menacing. But it was recently voted the worst place to live in the UK by Channel 4's property programme.