Friday, October 26, 2007

Dance has passed me by

I don't think I understand modern dance. And maybe ballet.

I just watched a video on youtube of some dancers - "Weavers" by Andreja Rauch. To the appreciative eye it must be awesome. But to me, it looked rather a lot like people falling over each other. I must be hard to remember what order you do the moves in - I think dancers have a special series of symbols to write it down.

I prefer the variety show style dancing in the background of pop singers. Like at the end of the clip of Thames TV ads I posted earlier.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Hostroute need a GPS?!

I'm starting to wonder whether being online and connected is really a good thing -- when it goes wrong!

Take e-mails for example.

I have 20 websites hosted on a server.

Last night emails stopped working.

I told the hosting company, they said they upgraded the server and everything's working fine now.

I send some test emails to addresses on the server. None arrive, nor do any bounce back. Where are they going?

I have since found out that Hostroute moved everything from the USA server to one in the UK. The IP address has changed. What annoys me is that they didn't say anything about it, and whenever I asked what the problem was, they threw it back in my face and said it was a DNS cache I need to clear or that my ISP has suddenly started blocking SMTP addresses....hmmmm. I'd respect them more if they were honest. I had so many calls from people whose websites I host saying nothing was working. I didn't know what was going on because Hostroute weren't telling me anything, so I looked like a fool. I lost one client because of it.

Going off them quite a lot now actually.

How about this one.... I ask them "I cannot access any of my websites"
They say "There are no reported problems"

I didn't, but I felt like replying with: "No reported problems you may say -- But I reported a problem and I pay the bill so even if no-one else is complaining about it, it's something that I'd have hoped you would have looked into."

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. These people give me such headaches

Duck butter

So, Michael Jackson calls 13 year old boy's semen "duck butter".

I'm not using my Mitchum anti-persperant stick any more. I heard there are lots of bad chemicals in things you put on your skin, so I'm using those crystals in water (Bionsen?) as a deodorant. It works excellently, although you just don't smell of anything. Issey Muyake is my cologne of choice at the moment. I sold the others on a famous online auction site and got quite a good price for them considering they were 9 years old!


TV executives are arse holes

I just watched a bit of a programme on Channel 4 called "Is TV Dead?".

All these executives thinking we're really interested in watching Land Rover TV - the needle broke on my Bull-Shit-O-Meter.

They live in a different world.

I don't watch Tv much at all these days, and it gauls me to pay my TV license when I know that it will go directly to Jonathan Ross' pocket which could pay for 600 journalists. Jonathan Ross is an arse hole I never watch or listen to.

Value? A big heap of shit, more like it.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Spam Cube not available in the UK?

You'd think the internet was a world-wide thing.

So here's me, trying to buy a Spam Cube, the hardware box that stops spam, and it seems I can only buy it if I live in America or Canada. Yet I've known about it for what seems to be over a year now, and still no-one in the UK is selling it. I think Amazon did at one point, but $150 does not exchange to £180...

Friday, October 05, 2007

Days in the pond

I'm having some really great days recently.

Great meals out - I know my limit is 2 starters, not 3. It's a good way to order, because you don't get sick of eating lots of the same thing.

I drained my pond on Tuesday. I thought it would take hours - it didn't. It maybe only took about 40 bucket fulls out to the main street grate. I fished out any remaining tadpoles along with two adult frogs with a big spoon and took them to the nature reserve down the lane. Today I found a frog in the empty pond - a big bugger too. Then another one in the foliage nearby. They also were taken to the reserve. I moved the big boulders that were holding the pond liner in place. This evening my dog spotted another frog, but I'm just going to leave them now, because they must be coming from somewhere other than my pond because it's been empty for 2 days. They'll find someone else's to live in. I am now contemplating filling in the pond so that it's not a big hole in the ground.

I got a new mobile - a Motorola F3. It's great. SIM free, £20, very thin, basic LCD watch type screen which makes text messaging near impossible. I like its style though. You can't beat Nokias for their interface, but the F3 is a cool no-frills phone, dripping with style.

If any regular readers to this blog remember - and I know there is NO ONE who reads this diatribe - I have been on the look out for the chairs that the judges sit on in the X Factor (last year's series - I don't like the ones they use this year). ANYWAY, I was looking through a design magazine at work and saw an advert for the manufacturer, so I'm ordering one now. Not exactly the same as the X Factor ones - I'm not sure on the exact colour fabric (there is a range of hundreds of fabrics to choose from and I don't want to sound too nerdy by asking them which one the X Factor people ordered!). I'm also ordering one with a high back, with all the optional extras. I spend a lot of time at my desk and want comfort. I currently have a Herman Miller Aeron chair, which is great, but I just want a change. I don't like going on about price, but these two chairs will cost over a quarter of my annual salary. Ha ha ha! Who gives a shit!

Some arse hole by the name of Neil Dudley from Nuthall in Nottinghamshire stole £95 from me for an eBay item he never sent me. Twat.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I'll rattle these off:

I got two tips at work today. They were both from children younger than 7 saying keep the change. 1p. Nice thought tho.

Someone at work's myspace says he's slim/slender. That's hilarious. He's got quite a pot belly and would be more accurately described as 'average build'. Funny how people fancy themselves so much, innit? I told him he looked like he was putting on weight one week because he was annoying me, and he told me he didn't eat for 10 days.

A new person at work said he'd gone out 3 nights a week last year. How do you afford that? I ask him. "I was on the dole - the taxpayer paid for it!". Frustrating as that is, as a tax-payer, as my blood boiled, I later learn his dad is a doctor, his mum a nurse and his brother attends a £12k per term school in the south west. Something's wrong with Britain.