Sunday, September 30, 2007

TV Ads from 1986

Friday, September 21, 2007

Post week review #1443

I had a great week thanks.

Bought a magic kettle that gives hot water in 3 seconds - watch me save enough electricity to light my house for 3 months....

Superb lunch at Starters in Yarm. Not cheap, but we did go nuts ordering. Delicious food, quick service.

I got an automatic garage door installed - it's such fun to open and close, but the fitter told me not to do it too much as it will over heat the motor.

I'm suffering from dry skin again. I think it's because I'm not eating food cooked in loads of oil like I was last year. I put some Boots lotion on last week but kept rubbing my eyes and getting it in them, so was temporarily blind on several occasions - once whilst driving!

I had my first wet shave in years this week. Using a Wilkinson 4 blade thing with vibrating function - half price at Boots - I was amazed at how I didn't cut myself and how it didn't irritate my skin at all. I used some Boots pre-shave lotion too. I would not buy any Gilette products - what they pay an already rich David Beckham is stupid.

My new energy saving floodlight is doing really well - quite an eerie blueish light. I got a super lamp for the dining table - not something I thought was my taste, but ideal for where it is and ... I suppose I should put pictures on this blog again so you can see what I'm talking about but "Hello" doesn't work any more and I do like my privacy.

Found some great Victoria Wood / Julie Walters sketches on YouTube - the "2 soups" waitress, "At the chippy" (what elaborate sets there were in the 80s!) and "cafe queue".

First Direct are greedy guts

What a load of old shit First Direct spout to their customers sometimes...

"important changes to your current account :
In recent months we've been asking our customers what it's like to bank with first direct. Whilst we loved to hear about the good stuff we also learned one or two things that weren't so good.

"You told us that you'd prefer banking to be fairer and more transparent. You also told us that you want more choice and better value. You don't like offers that come with strings attached and you'd prefer a life without unpleasant surprises.

"Many of you told us that you'd prefer better savings products than a very ordinary rate of credit interest on your current account balance. We currently pay 0.1% AER (gross 0.1% p.a.) on Cheque Accounts and 2.00% AER (gross 1.98% p.a.) on Bank Accounts. From 1 November 2007 we will no longer be paying credit interest on current accounts. "


So, they could have said "We're not going to give you the piss-poor 0.1% interest on your current account any more. We're too greedy and don't think HSBC makes enough profits each year (2006: £11billion). We know other banks give their customers 6.17% (Halifax) but think you won't be arsed to move accounts..."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

IE7 sucks

After IE6 kept hanging, I installed IE7.

It has lost all my passwords (I found some software to extract them from where IE6 put them).

It crashed after a few minutes.

No wonder people use Firefox. Although I prefer Opera as Firefox is in cahoots with Google and is therefore inherently evil.

John F. Kennedy assassination

I watched some sensationalist documentary about the conspiracy theories surrounding the killing of JFK tonight.

On the anniversary of his death, in 2003, the BBC showed an hour long documentary, in a totally non-sensationalist and scientific way, to prove - in my eyes and mind without any shadow of doubt - that it was just the one lone loony gunman in the book depository who fired the shots. They matched up the autopsy details of both the men who died in the car with the angles of bullet journeys involved in the situation using computer modelling, and as far as I was concerned, that was that.

All conspiracy theories on the topic are bunkum and perpetrated by people with bees in their bonnet and far too much time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

North(ern) Roc (sic) - Fraggle?!

Just been watching the news there,

People queuing at Northern Rock to take their money out. The live camera pans along the queue. Everyone turns their back to the camera or covers their face. Except a big black fellow who isn't in the queue and just stands in the way, waving into the lens. Who is he waving at?

Who is that hamster guy on Top Gear who crashed that car and nearly died? In many ways, that was bad publicity for anti-speeding campaigns. It sends out the message that if you speed at 250mph and crash, you will survive.

If he had died, the message would have been very different.

People have been calling me recently from Nigeria. I can spot fraud a mile off, but these were legitimate business calls. But I answer the phone "Hello, how can I help you?" and they say "This is Mr. Wibble wobble from Company Name in Nigeria" and so I say "Hello there!". And they think I'm saying "Hello - I can't hear anyone one the phone" so they say the same thing again.

I'm actually writing this offline as my internet connection has been down all day.
I'm with EFH Broadband. In the spate of a year, from being able to call their support centre in Hull and speak to the same person each time, to now:

They changed my password without telling me
Their call centre is in India - I consider myself a very dilligent listener, but I really cannot understand 80% of what they are saying

This morning up to 9am, it was working fine. The fault is, apparently, that BT are doing some tests in the area so it will be back on tomorrow. So my online business is 'closed for business' for the day because BT have decided to do some tests that last 2 days?!?! When I was on ntlworld, I had over 3 years of broadband service with one outage that lasted a couple of hours. I can't get cable here.

I no longer wonder why this country is in the state that it is in. Everyone's retarded.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Superbad - instant comedy classic

These marketing arses just say whatever they like.

On a TV ad for the film "Superbad" they themselves are calling it "an instant comedy classic".

I don't understand how a film could ever possibly be a classic before it has even been furking released?!?!?!

Arse holes.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Saggers and high waisters

I've just watched a 20-something neighbour load up his car with boxes. He is one of these people who 'sags' - in other words, his trousers and belt are positioned mid-way down his buttocks, over his underwear. After every leaning over to pick-up or put down a box in the car, he has to pull his jeans up either because the feeling of trouser slippage is annyoing him or so that we don't all see his anus.

There are very clearly 3 types of people:

Those who wear trousers around their waist.

Those who wear trousers round the lower half of their buttocks ('saggers' e.g. skateboarders, my neighbour)

Those who wear trousers above their waist ('high waisters' e.g. Patrick Moore, Cary Grant in 'North by Northwest')

I fit into the third party, and enjoy prancing around my house in tracksuit bottoms pulled up to my rib cage.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Party pooper

Today I went to a party I was dreading. Luckily, because, as always, no parties I attend are organised or planned, there wasn't a big enough table for us to all sit at, so I sat with 3 other people who I haven't either fallen out with, had a relationship with, or had a relationship with the person they are currently going out with.

I only had a plate of salad and a slice of pizza. £8!

Then I came home through my front door (which I now use all the time), went out and ordered some carpets for my recently refurbished bathrooms and my bedroom. I bought some more big plants for my lounge and bedroom. A solar powered illuminated novelty giant thermometer for the garden. Some new halogen lights for my garden room and downstairs toilet. Some galvanized shelves for my garage x 2.

Now I'm skint.

Big Brother 2007 Winner - Brian

Funny how I wasn't aware of the colour of Brian's skin until Ian Wright started talking about how 'a brother' had won....there's always someone to come along and spoil our multicultural society by flagging up differences between us all.