Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smoking Ban

I am fed up with this idea that smoking is somehow extraordinary or remarkable or of some totemic significance that non-smokers cannot understand. I know it to be this: a completely futile habit with no redeeming features. As for being social glue, how many of the children who were born of smokers have lost or will lose their parents too young because of heart disease or cancer?

We have far more to gain from this ban than we will ever lose.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My favourite saying

There's an old saying; 'You can get it good, cheap or fast..but you can only pick two.'

Good and fast? It'll cost you.

Good and cheap? It will take a while to do.

Cheap and fast? Yes - but quality may vary!

It's a good saying, isn't it?!

The Larry Sanders Show

For the first time so far in my life, I've managed to get my mum hooked on a comedy programme I enjoy.

I've tried it before with shows like Frasier, erm... there are many others, but for the first time, she's actually more enthusiastic to watch Larry Sanders than I am!

We've just watched 2 hours of it - I have to record it because ITV4 have it on after 2am. The episode where Larry wants to be on the Sexiest Man Alive list and Hank imports the cigars is so well written - some awesome lines in it. Then the one where Larry writes his memoirs and locks himself in the grip room.

Another great comedy ITV4 were showing was "Is It Legal?". Excellent comedy, but I think they've played all the episodes out now. Hope they repeat it again.

Mr. Anonymous

I don't understand the unwillingness of people to give their names.

Like today, someone wanted me to reserve a CD for them, and I asked for their name. "Parkin" was his reply.

So, when I called them back, I just said "Is Parkin there?".

Stupid arses. How about a first name, cock head?

Fact of the day

Black people make up 2.7% of the UK population aged 10 to 17, but represent 8.5% of those in that age group arrested in England and Wales.

Naughty people!!!

Behave yourselves! -- doing our bit to crack down on crime.


Don't some people's voices just make you feel ill?

I watched some video on youtube just then with some guy from Belfast - it sounded like he had some recess in his mouth - and you start doing the same thing don't you? Like that guy on The Sky At Night - Chris Lintott - so very, very nasal.

Lovely people I'm sure. Hard to listen to.

Jeremy Irons I could listen to for hours. I think.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Review of

There's a service for people outside of the USA who want to purchase items from the websites of companies in the USA who they themselves do not ship outside of the USA.

In other words, you tell International Orders what items you want from websites in the USA, they order it and have it sent to them, and then send it on to you wherever you are in the world.

Quite a good idea, I thought. I needed some items from a specialist shop, and with the $ / £ so high it would be about half the price of buying these items from a company in the UK. So I created an account and placed the order for 3 small items (a third of a shoe box size in total). Shipping via UPS was $55.88.

I paid the total amount.

About a week later I got an email saying I owed them another $51.03 for additional shipping and a 'fee' "due to the size and weight of your package". This package of 3 items weighs nothing - two of the items were made of foam, and the total size is that of a pint glass. I received the order today in a standard UPS envelope, 23 days after placing it.

In the end, I saved £2 and waited 2 weeks longer because I bought the items from the USA.

I wish I hadn't bothered and wasn't terribly impressed by the overall experience.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bernard Manning

I liked Bernard Manning. There was a great fly-on-the-wall documentary of him where he put a bit of bread and butter on his leg. Classic gold.

I've actually seen him live about 5 years ago and thought he was very funny. Why? Because I am not pre-occupied like the rest of the nation with 'being offended by things'. The jokes were well constructed and perfectly delivered. I don't think minorities need patronising by everyone else being offended FOR them.


Everyone can p**s off

I think my manager is scared of me.

Instead of shouting me for talking to people on the shop floor, he gets a supervisor to put a call out for the person I'm talking to and tells them to stop talking to me!

I'm feeling increasingly distant from co-workers. I ultimately think the majority are stupid, un-intelligent and hopeless. There have been some promotions, which has led to lots of political in-fighting. It seems everywhere is like this now. When I started, the shop had just opened and everyone got on so well. This stopped happening earlier this year. It's not so much fun to work there now. It's more of a chore, a drag and a pest. I know - you'll be saying "welcome to the real world", but it surely doesn't have to be like this.

There are members of staff who I've spoken to once, been really nice to them, and now they just blank me in the corridor - why? Then there are others who are bezzie mates with these people who are charming to your face - but what's happening when you're not there? I've started giving even less of a shit now and really

I think this computer is on its last legs. It's lasted since April 03 - which is over 4 years now. Not bad really, but I need to get a new one. I need a quiet one though.
I hate it when things bring themselves to the front of the order of windows open on the screen. i.e. I've just been downloading a 60Mb podcast. Rather than sit and wait, I wrote this blog. At the end of the download, the box appeared to say it was finished and was copying the file from the temp internet folder to where I want it saving, and because I was in mid-typing-sentence, with the use of the space bar, it thought I'd clicked cancel and promptly deleted the file.

I think the following companies, due to their over-powerful near monopolistic status, are evil:

Zoom Info

Zoom Info? Not heard of that one I hear you say. Well, they list contact details for people they've found on the internet. However, they've found a website I did back in 1999 (8 years ago) with my original email address on - an email address I have since removed to protect it from when spam harvesters began obtaining emails to spam from websites. Because this company, Zoom Info have somehow cached this website of mine back in 2001 and suddenly decided to publish the cached version on their website, my private email account is now getting spammed to death. Well, thank you Zoom Info. You bag of fuck wits. You've made my life harder and wasted more of my time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cool stuff

I came back today and my pond was green with algae, and the crows are going mental. It's like Hitchcock's "The Birds" outside. The dog keeps trying to lick the baby blackbirds that are on the floor, so now has to be supervised when in the garden. If it's not birds, it's frogs which he absolutely loves to watch jumping.

I keep buying microphones on eBay. I've got quite a few major objects on their way to me *in theory* (you never know with eBay). Also getting rid of a lot of stuff I haven't used for years. If I've intentions for the stuff but haven't actually used it for more than a year it's going on eBay. I hate eBay.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bloody neighbours

I don't understand the need for my neighbour to sit in the garden every evening putting wood into a chimnea which he just sits and watches. Much fun for him and his neanderthal needs, but the rest of us have to close our windows and doors on a nice summer's evening because of all the bloody wood smoke poisoning the air. Idiot.

On a lighter note...

Today I served Steve MacLaren, England Football Team manager. I didn't actually say anything of note to him - I actually didn't really know who he was until his receipt which had his name on (he paid by card). He bought a couple of Dr Who books for his son who was with him, and a copy of the Times, I think. No-one really noticed him. He was polite.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The 2012 Logo

The new 2012 London Olympics logo.


Didn't they test it on any focus groups?

I don't think there'd be the furore if it only cost £10,000. Quite how one simple design can cost so, so much money escapes me. It's not even clever - in fact, it's pretty ugly.

But my point is this - we are not even in August of this year. What does 2007 mean to you now? It's just a number, isn't it? At the moment, 2012 is this magical date that they're all working towards, but when it is actually 2012 on the 1st of January, there's another 8 months before the Olympics themselves take place. By that time, 2012 will be meaningless.

I think it was the Daily Express website that had a number of designs sent in, for free, by their readers. There were a couple (James Wren & Olly Gibbs) which I thought were really, really good and far superior in 'cleverness' to the pink and yellow Mr. Blobby mess of the actual logo.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


I'll tell you what I hate - fussy people.

Someone's website I host is a bit slow. I get 4 calls in 10 minutes, one message, call to my mobile. It's like the end of the f***ing world.

Today I went to my bank in a high street market town.

I hate people in BMWs and Mercedes. I also hate people with 4x4s. If I have to talk to them, the respect I have for the person is immediately 75% less than what it would have been. If the 4x4 is a BMW 4x4 or a Mercedes 4x4, then it is -100% respect. If the 4x4 has bull-bars, I may not even look at them.

HSBC Bank now have their own 'in bank' radio station. So there you are, in a queue - always a queue because they only have 1 teller working at lunch hour, and they only open 11am - 2pm. They're playing Phil f***ing Collins shit at you now, as if you weren't so angry about being an HSBC customer to start with. HSBC's radio station is exactly the same as every other local radio station in the UK. Shit. Then they have some bloody movie reviews. Urgh!

The RSPB website is banning the use of the word 'cock'. What a load of cocks!
Who thinks Chris Moyles is a good TV presenter? Surely the ill-fated Chris Moyles show on Channel 5 (or 4 - can't remember) was proof he's not great.

Phew! That's got it out of my system!

Credit Card oopsy-pops!

It's happened for the first time in 10 years.

After what must be thousands of online transactions using my credit card, my issuer called me today to query 3 payments which indeed I hadn't made.

They stopped the card.

Not bad though - 10 years fraud free!