Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I'm having such a great week so far. So much being achieved. I hate doing websites for people now. For whatever reason, I suddenly seem to have had about 7 old clients email me wanting pissy little things doing for which they won't be willing to pay. And client visits 76 mile round-trips away. Grrr.

Living in suburbia, there's only one thing that bothers me. Every day, a few people mow their lawns. I think there should be an official lawn moving day, when everyone does it at the same time. Then all the noise that it creates is at one time. So often, someone mows their lawn, then finishes, then someone else starts. Madness. And people who either kick footballs against walls (thud....thud etc.) or bounce basketballs - this is just such a noisy and annoying thing to do. Bring back borstal.

A word of advice: never set-up or sell anyone PCs.
They will always consider you its creator and will call you, day and night, for as long as the computer is in existence, to ask for help, tell you about problems, error messages, worries, etc. they may have. Unless you charge a retainer fee or have an 090 premium rate number, it is not going to be a profitable experience for you. Be warned!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goodbye Capital Disney (and other GCap staff)

Capital Disney is to stop broadcasting 'live' shows on 1st June. It will carry on without DJs until the end of June. It started 5 years and won a Sony Gold Award a couple of years ago. GCap and Disney are parting ways.

XFM stations (3) will broadcast without DJs from 10am - 4pm every day.

Wow, GCap is really cutting down their staff list!

GCap have also bought the 18 AM and other digital licences broadcasting UBC's Classic Gold stations. They will no doubt merge with Capital Gold to create a bigger network of AM stations. However, they only paid around £300k per station...

Die eBay, Die

I've said it before and I'll say it again, eBay is shit.

I put an item on scheduled to start on Thursday. UK postage only - I made sure that no countries I would ship to were ticked.

Now it's started and some fucker's bid on it, everyone's asking a) how much UK postage is (even though I put it in the box) and b) how much it costs to post to Italy/Poland/Argentina because useless sack-of-shit eBay has seemingly ticked "Ships Worldwide" despite my double checking this was not and never has been the case!

Absolutely fucking useless. I hate them. The UK VAT avoiding cunts.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Face change

After I've setup my myspace account, a friend said my face hadn't changed since I was 14. I thought that was nice. I wish I could say the same about my hair, but that's on the way out.

Today I watched something from my PVR TV hard disk recorder from June 2005. I can now delete it! (not that I'm behind or anything).

Time Out in New York is doing an article on one of the products I sell. That's quite exciting.

Who remembers Tandy? They disappeared in 1999 when they sold their shops to the Carphone Warehouse. I was looking through an old Tandy catalogue from 1995. Lots of Amstrad stuff - tape recorders, tape walkmans, walkie-talkies, only a couple of PCs and a few werd-processors (remember them!?). Everything hi-fi and video is black. Mobile phones with 30% national coverage, and 50p per minute. You forget how cheap everything appears to be today. Realistic, Genexxa and Archer brand electronics - many in beige. Superb!

I found an old Argos catalogue about 10 years ago, I think it was from the 1970s. Everything in that had wood veneer on it. Even computer games, then very cutting-edge. I don't know where it went - I'd have liked to have kept it to periodically look at fondly.

My electrician came over again today to put some new floodlights outside. One is a 42W energy saving one - great white light, and just as bright as the 500W one I had before. I may have to build a 'barn door' so that it doesn't shine into my neighbours' garden too much in case they complain. Then again, their wind chimes get right on my tits, so it'd be even stevens.

See ya!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday Tuesday Synopsis

I was walking with my dog this lunchtime and on the other side of the road was a slight black lady with a doberman. I looked away, and heard a scream. When I looked back, the dog was lying on the pavement with its owner trying to make it stand up. I dashed over, and a car pulled up asking if they needed to go to the vet which wasn't too far away. The owner was very upset, and one of the dog's back legs was bent a bit backwards. The person who'd pulled over said she thought it had broken its leg, but I heard the owner say the word 'stroke' on the phone to her relative. I asked several times if I could be of any help, but I was worried that my own dog would cause the doberman to stress out, and the lady in the car who'd pulled over looked in control of the situation. It was sad to see.
I'm drinking pints of water every day. My offiice's floor is totally cleared - I had some downlighters put in last week and had to empty it - you couldn't see much carpet because of papers, receipts and accounts everywhere. But now it's clear I'm determined to keep it this way. I need to throw a load more stuff out, give to charity, recycle, etc. I really don't need about 80% of the possessions I currently have, which is proved to me when I just don't look at boxes of stuff in the garage for months. Do I really need it? No. Can I bring myself to throw it away? Not quite. Maybe I need to read a self-help book about clutter. I've just found one downstairs since I typed the last sentence.

I've discovered my smooth jazz CD in the car again. I love driving to smooth jazz.

Here's today's annoyance: someone emailing asking about the process for recording voice-overs when it is all explained on my 4 page website about it...

I suppose if that's all I have to be annoyed about (apart from someone owing me £5k) then life ain't too bad.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Duncan Bannatyne Competition

LBC call to visuals

This is the most incredible animation set to a phone call I've ever seen. Watch it!
The original phone call was amusing enough without visuals!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stars for last week

Today's encounter between the volatile planet of ego, Mars, and your ruler, Uranus, begins a two-week cycle of dramatic change. That would be challenging enough, but dealing with what arises will require that you go deep within to assess both your feelings and your goals. The real issue is that, if you proceed and take developments to the next stage, you could substantially alter, if not end, elements of your life as you know it. Dire as that sounds, you've been feeling restless for ages, and your instincts are probably telling you that you should take the plunge.