Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goodbye David

On Wednesday the 17th, the most inspirational man I ever met passed away. My good friend David C. Evans was a completely joyful person - always positive, always incredible fun.

He was so encouraging with everything I did. I was very open about my business with David as he was such a very wise man and always gave an opinion which I respected over all else. He could see the best in people and encourage it - their potential which they could perhaps not see in themselves.

He knew so much about so many things. Perhaps the most informed person I know, this may have been in-part due to his 21 hour days - every day. He could listen to Radio 4 or the World Service whilst completing tasks, duties, jobs and pottering around the house, and be the first to get the Times at 5am. His emails always filled me with excitement - from July 03 to January I'm proud to have received 573, and responded to each of course, but our emailing went back to the mid-late nineties when we would both print them out! He'd worked in many fields - glass blowing, on geophysical surveying ships, pottery, computer programming, business, and had so many fascinating stories about past experiences.

We were walking in one of the roughest parts of Middlesbrough and were stopped by a gang of youths who wanted to swap some change. He was as polite with them as everyone else, even when they asked if he would like a video recorder.

We were walking back from another meal and came to a bus stop outside Lidl near Newport Roundabout. A bus arrived and he got on it - he had received his pensioner's bus pass that week and was determined to use it. This left me several miles from home and nothing left to do but walk back on my own!

His loving wife Sheila had a penchant for Cravendale Purefilter milk, but David's view was that their term 'filtering' could simply mean it was filtered through a sieve with 1 inch holes, so to prove the taste was no different, for a number of weeks he was funnelling normal milk into the Cravendale container in the secrecy of the garage - until Sheila walked in while this was happening one day!

When I worked at the college, he used to just walk into the office I shared with two others and have a chat with me! I'm not sure how I would have explained all the jollity had my boss ever walked in.

Later, when I worked at the council, he invited me out for lunch one day in summer. We sat in his car in a nature reserve car park and ate pork pies with pease pudding and drank red wine. Very civilised! Sadly, I had a 1 hour lunch break, and this lunch with David lasted 2 and a half! When I got back I was shouted at by my boss, and handed in my resignation letter there and then (which I'd been planning to do all week, but was waiting for the moment).

I have to admit that I only really wrote this blog for David. He was the only person I knew who read it each fortnight or month. He would drop a comment into an email or conversation over our many lunches out, indicating he'd read it.

I hope I meet another like David but doubt I ever will.

David was an inspirational friend to me. I'll always think of him with tremendous fondness.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Orange vs. Virgin Mobile

I've been with Orange for at least 4 years. But I've just compared their pay as you go tariff which I'm on with Virgin's. I'm shocked.

Orange's coverage is good. Virgin's isn't as good in this area.


Orange is at least 2x as expensive for almost everything.

I'm going to switch to Virgin for a while and see how it goes. I will let you know.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Samsung E350 mobile phone

I bought two of these, one for me, one for my mum just before Christmas. They were £85 each, but come with a built-in camera and MP3 player, etc.

I must admit I am more disappointed with this phone than any other mobile I've had in the last 12 years (9 in total).

You can't link it to a PC to put MP3s onto it. Quite how you're supposed to put MP3s on it in the first place is still beyond me.

You can't link it to a PC to save the photos or videos you've recorded onto it.

But most recently, the main issue I have with it is the actual audio quality of the phone when making calls. Callers are distorted to the point of being inaudible, and I similarly sound hard to hear at their end.

I'm still debating it, but I'm really tempted to put my sim card back in my ultra-basic Nokia 1100. At least you could hear people who call you on it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


A year or two ago I made a tribute website to a theme park attraction at Epcot. Today I pulled the plug on the site because someone was threatening to sue me because I mentioned their name on the site - in no harmful way, I might add.

Most of what I'd written had been cut and pasted onto Wikipedia by someone anyway, which negates any need for the site I'd spent hours making.

Perhaps 2007 will see a 'reigning in' of web-based interests simply to avoid legal actions!

Discounts all the way!

I've mentioned my hatred of people asking for discounts or 'the best price'. I sometimes wonder whether it's even worth putting prices I expect to be paid for products on the website at all. Just now, someone asked for educational discount. Other people ask for a discount because they are selling it on (how this can be proved, I don't know - are they just buying for themselves?). But where do you draw the line? Is there a human discount? Yeah, I've got a nice coat, do I get a discount? Yeah, erm, I used to be a Boy Scout - do I get a discount?


Space Pod

I'm not sure I've fully worked out whether space travel is the next long-haul-flight knightmare for the environment, but I find this craft and videos curious:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Adult Sky Channels Viewing Figures

From an Ofcom complaints bulletin:

DTPC confirmed that the final viewing figures showed that the programme was viewed only by 62 people

Monday, January 08, 2007

PG Tips Advert with Monkey

Online £3,000 Cheque Fraud

Ho ho, isn't this great? I have a microphone for sale on a sound magazine's website, and the first enquiry was from this person, a fraudster:


Thanks for the mail respones.The condition is okay byme and the price,i do appreciate your effort inconsidering the item sold to me.Just to let you knowthat i will through cheque once it clears the pickupwill be made.

Am out for an assignment outside UK at the moment doaccept my sincere appology just to speed up thepayment and shippment i have contacted my client tomake out the payment to you.You will be receiving apayment of £3,000 from my client in which you willhave to let it clear, after clearance you will deductthe cost of your (Microphones) £115 and have the restof the fund send to my shipper.

This shipping agent will be the one that will behandling the shippment of the (Microphones) and otherconsignment in which they will be helping me inshipping out of the UK.The rest of the fund is meantfor the shipping Fees and Tax Levy that will be imposeon every consignment.I will be needing your assistancein helping me to send the fund to them so that pickupcan commence immedaitely.Await your Details such as(Name on Cheque,Contact Address and Phone Number) sothat the payment can be send out to you asap. In order to speed up this transaction i have considerto compensate you with £30,do inform other buyer thatthe item is sold already.

Best regards..


Domain names on eBay

If you've ever considered buying a domain name, eBay gives you a completely sozzled view of the true value of domain names.

Just looking at what's up for auction on there at the moment, £200,000 $15,000 (yes, there is no 'o' in the name) £50,000 £100,000 £15,000 £150,000 £2,000

The fact that these domains are probably worth double figures as a batch, let alone singlularly, goes to show how over-inflated the prices are.

Hula Hooping Nuts Are We

We're all hula-loopy...

I keep hearing adverts for hularobics, which is apparently a big thing in the field of new year fitness.

Going to the Heart website which the advert mentions, I find hula hoops for sale for £14.49 + £5.50 p+p!!! That's almost £20 for a plastic hoop you can buy at seaside shops for 50p! Out-bloody-rageous!

Peter Deeley on LBC

A broadcaster of pure class. I only hear him standing in for others after midnight, but within the last year he was on every night. Very relaxing, excellent presentation, and very fondly appreciated by listeners. Quite a gem!

Nick Abbot on LBC

He grows on you. I didn't like it to start with, but now I find myself listening to hours.

I've met him at Virgin Radio, and perhaps contrary to his 'cool' on-air image, he was one of the more friendly presenters there.

And stamina - he's been on every day for a month at least.

My mum thinks he sounds like Alan Partridge, for some reason!

Odd eBay warning

An absolutely strange 'warning' I read on an eBay auction just now...


a) Does "photos" really need so many apostrophes?
2) A "small amount of people". How odd!
d) In terms of monetary gain, is it really worth going to a solicitors to threaten people using naff and tiny eBay auction photos?
5) How would this solicitor's letter read? "It has come to our attention through our client that you find their photos worth copying. They are not worth copying so please stop it."