Friday, March 31, 2006

Greg Scott - Britain's brightest new presenting talent.


Greg Scott - AKA Greggles

What an absolutely brilliant TV presenter!

There won't be many presenters who can present 2 hours of live television with NO BREAKS and be consistently hilarious. That's true professionalism. Last night there was even a fire alarm in the studio - but handled with class and humour of the consumate performer Greggles is.

I hope to see him on prime time. He's certainly gained a large fan base presenting Quizmania.

Toys R Us Jingle

In my opinion, the best commercial jingle I've ever heard. Seriously. If I'd commissioned it, I'd have given them double the fee. I remember hearing it as a child in the 1980s, and I'm thrilled they still use it today.

Listen to the Toys R Us jingle
(MP3 audio)

I still miss the "you can do it when you B&Q it" jingle, and if they still used it would shop there more. I'm like that, me. I admire principles in nostalgia. Or woteva.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Buying trainers from eBay doesn't work

Over the last year, I've tried to buy myself a pair of trainers on eBay.

In 2005 I got some Nike Shox TLs from China. They didn't fit, so I put them back on eBay and actually made a profit from them.

Then I won some DC Shoes which also didn't fit. I sold these on eBay, again for a profit.

Then this year I won some Globe Confilcts, again, didn't fit. Again, sold them for a profit.

Now I've just won some Nike Cortez which I already have a 6 year old pair of in a size I know fits me. I received them today. They were size 11s. But boys size 11s. I can't even fit my hand in them.

You win eBay. I give up.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Advice from an acoustician

Today I spoke to an acoustician who measures sound levels in the work place.

His one piece of advice was "stay out of nightclubs".

Thursday, March 16, 2006

KOST 103.5 - Now that's what I call a top-of-hour stager!

Wow, Jam Creative Productions have created another beautiful stager for the latest KOST package. Get a load of those vocal harmonies!

KOST Stager (MP3)

Amstrad E3 Emailer

Loss making for Amstrad - selling at under £30, complete with colour screen, digital answerphone and digital camera, it's a videophone, fax sender, SMS sender and receiver, MMS sender and receiver, arcade game play, emailer, internet surfer, calculator, and 700 contact database. It can be hooked up to a printer.

Pretty excellent, eh? It runs Linux!

I've got one, but don't know anyone with one to be able to do the videophone thing with them. For all I know it doesn't work! Ha ha ha!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

EBuyer Reviews & Britain's literacy levels

On a PC review:
"This pc is really good, but a little advise when setting it up when it comes to the partion settings choose the single partion because it's hard for a amiture to remove the partition you want to remove but i surpose the set up at the start is a little tricky for an amiture too."

How very helpful...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quizmania Addict

I think I'm addicted to Quizmania on ITV1 through the early hours. In fact, it's the only thing I turn the TV on for these days!

I've never rung in, it costs 60p a go, whether you get through or not.

Are people who phone in drunk?
Why is it always the bottom answers that get picked first?

Lee Baldry is okay. Nigel Mitchell is really slick. I remember seeing him on Nickelodeon when he was about 14, and he was pretty impressive then. I don't know why Vernon Kaye is on so many programmes when there's presenting talent like Nigel around. Greg Scott, or Greggles as he likes to be known, is also a real talent. Yakabakakas!

But my favourite is Chuck Thomas. Timmy Mallett lives!!! I was shocked to read that he's actually younger than me, and Nigel Mitchell is older (I always thought he was a few years younger, but he's a couple of years older). Really interesting, I hear you say.

I'm also hooked on the theme music - check out the video below.

Quizmania Idents (WMV)

Stick it on loop and welcome to my world.

A great moment last night with Chuck Thomas was with the quiz "Big ....". For a time, callers could have two guesses. One caller's first guess was "book" which Chuck duely ladened with innuendo. "What's your 2nd guess?" Chuck asks the caller. "Big cock". Chuck's face said it all. But he ploughed on and said "Let's see if it's there!?!". Great!

Monday, March 13, 2006


A very interesting blog from a number of Disney imagineers. I especially like the ideas for improving Tomorrowland near the bottom of the page.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is hovering tresspassing?

So, if you hover in a theme park without ever landing or touching the floor, and see all their parades and specacles, etc. - is that trespassing???

Springtime Approacheth

Something I've just read online - Legend Communication's residential VOIP telephone service - prices exclude VAT....but surely all residential service users - i.e. non-businesses - pay VAT!!! The fools. I haven't forgotten you when you were called Business Serve and how downright appauling your hosting service was.

Laminate flooring - I do not understand in rooms. In halls, OK. In kitchens, maybe. But in bedrooms!?!? I predict a big boom in carpets soon, I really do.

A busy week - busier than most. Putting a few items on eBay and helping others do the same. Also winning an auction for ANOTHER radio microphone. Yes, I know I already have 3, but one was an accident (wrong colour mic capsule - I didn't read the description properly) and another is the result of the cerfuffle with the Northern Ireland guy - he sent it a month on (due to an actual postal strike) but he sent the wrong bloody mic!!!

Spent most of yesterday cleaning smoke tar off some Bose Panaray speakers - it was absolutely disgusting. To think that they were simply in the same room as smokers, what on earth the smokers' lungs must look like I shudder to think. I put the grilles in the bath with some washing up liquid (Kim and Aggie would have been proud!) and although the water was only about 12 inches deep, after cleaning them you could not see the bottom - it looked like strong tea. Hideous. I've cleaned the grilles thoroughly but some tar still remains in mesh holes, so another dunk and toothbrush session required.

The promotional pens arrived - wonderfully smooth writers. I don't think I'll bother with the biodegradable ones. They were a nice idea, nice to look at, but not as smooth, blue ink (which I'm not a fan of) and I gave a few samples to friends at work and they all broke them. See, you push down on the corn on the cob bit to expose the nib, then to make the nib go back in you squeeze the cob leaf clip. Not obvious. Anyway, the ones I've got are fab and I'll be thinking of some reason to do a mailshot and send the majority of them out soon.

I'm having grief with the company I use to host websites. I share a server with other people - I'm not sure who they are, but when I do backwards searches I find one is big on wrestling videos....anyway, someone who shares the server with me is using up so much processor resource that it's overloaded by up to 1400% sometimes, which makes it a bit slow. Support tell me this is within normal limits!? Thing is, it's cheap. But I am seriously considering getting a dedicated server, so I'm not sharing anything. A bit more expense, but one less headache. However, the moving of 41 domains to a new host isn't going to be much fun.

Big sales too, and new products. Now I can consider what capital purchases to make before the year-end. It won't be too hard - I have a list. I'm also doing something pretty crazy to get a foothold in a new market - giving my service away free. For a limited time only, of course. Let's see what happens.

I got the big fax machine out of the loft last week too. I'm not sure if the ink cartridge in it has dried up though - it's been up there for a few years. I've had a number of faxes recently asking me to sign things. Because I send faxes directly from the PC, I have to do some trickery in imaging programs to superimpose my signature on a screen grab of the fax they sent (which I receive as an email!). It seems crazy to use faxes in this day and age, but the problem with emails is that they are so unsecure and easily to forge the sender. In many ways I'm quite glad there's a way of authentically communicating important documents.

I got a call at 8.15am this morning. Do people not realise I work to a French clock? I actually got up and switched the ringer off. I have principles.

I don't know what's going on with promotional emails this week, but seemingly every company I've ever registered with online has sent me an email a day. Is business quiet or something?

I read some interesting news today that the original Pirates of the Carribbean ride at Disneyland will have two new animatronic figures in July this year after the premiere of the new film (the main Jack Sparrow character and some other dude). It's very odd that two 35 year old theme park attractions (Pirates and the Haunted Mansion) should inspire two huge films. You can watch videos of the ride online. What's amazing is the passion theme park fans have for these rides - editing together huge videos with all lines of dialogue from each character. It's a pity the theme parks themselves don't do it professionally and release them as 'definitive' time capsules of the rides. There'd be a huge audience.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Attention 0870 number lovers

It's 5 times cheaper for me to call a mobile phone in Singapore than to call an 0870 number in the UK.

New and existing businesses: think how having an 0870 number as your main business phone number affects the number of customers who think twice before calling you.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Chat show on Iranian television - but why a Dorset backdrop from the Hovis advert?!?!?!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Allan Lake on Capital Disney - update

Allan Lake at Capital Disney is back on form I think. A large number of laugh out loud moments over recent evenings, including one just now when he asked Jesus if he could play a request. And I think it's nice that he lets listeners come into the studio and see how it all works (although I think it does affect his performance). I agree with him not playing Clea for the reasons he gave.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blimmin' loft

You know, sometimes I wonder why we bother having a loft. There's so much stuff in it, you can't find anything. And if everything in it suddenly disappeared, you'd be hard pressed to list what WAS there.

In the winter (now) it's 6C up there. In the summer it's 35C. There's duplicates of useless items such as video recorders, vacuum cleaners, microwave plates, etc. that you'd just go out and buy a new one of instead of hunting around in the loft for.

I sometimes think if I threw 10 items out a day, no-one would know what was missing. I have lost about 12 kettle-type mains plugs up there, and today I wanted some 3 pin XLR connectors, and I know I have at least 40 up there 'cos I counted them in October - now, they're nowhere to be seen.

What the hell is Advertising Space by Robbie Williams all about? What a drab, rubbish song.

Classic English countryside.


A typical English street. Any comments, non-UK people?


Portakabin sign - classic, purposeful.


They don't call Teessiders 'smoggies' for nothing!


Keepin' it reel

A busy week so far.

I was talking to Danny at work about Scott who was working there when we first were stocking the shelves, and he used a great phrase - "Tommy two-shits. If you'd done one shit, he'd done ten." It's little gems like those that make it worth going in. The weird thing is that they both want to be policemen. Let's hope they don't end up working together or there'd be hell on.

And Sam taught me 'sozzard' which means sorry, hard (as if the person is tough). Sam's 17 and she makes me laugh cos she's in a different world at college. Bovtashed, coolies and obvo are other yoof words she's taught me. I feel very much 'in the loop'.

No more disconnections on VOIP. I found a different promotional pen which is such a lovely writer that I was sold immediately and ordered 225 of them. And I've put my VOIP phone number on them, so let's hope it continues to work (I like to live dangerously).

Talking of living dangerously, I bought another couple of items on eBay to try and not let that fraudy thing spoil it (which I haven't finished persuing yet, BTW). I just hope they arrive!

Isn't it funny how French phone numbers are written 02 58 88 99 66 00 - in groups of two. Are they easier to remember or say when they're batched in twos?

Oh, another good one from last weekend was some posh guy who asked me if there was anyone qualified to suggest the best psychology book for his son. I said I was afraid that no psychologists were prepared to work for £4.12 net per hour in a bookshop, and I hadn't read the 412 books on the shelf. Hmmm, I suppose you had to be there.