Friday, December 30, 2005


I just don't get it. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of writhing, sweaty bodies .... oh, hold on.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

UK Pressure to work long hours

I was at work on Boxing Day, and went to leave at 5pm when my shift ends (and the shop closes) when I saw my co-workers looking glum saying that they have to stay back and remove stickers from a number of items that are no-longer on special offer.

My retort was that we are only paid to work the set hours, it's 5.05, and it's a public holiday anyway - I'm off home.

They all carried on working and I left (unchalleneged by the supervisors, I might add).

The thing that gets to me is, if the employers had asked them, they would have probably worked for another hour or two. I think it's all wrong. I'm sure the French or Italians wouldn't take any of it. We all have lives outside of work.

It's tantamount to corporate manipulation and bullying. I think what gets to me is that the employer just assumes workers will do whatever they say without standing up to them and saying "no, you don't pay me to work after 5pm - the stickers can be removed tomorrow morning".

The job is fun, but I have basic principles and no desire to appear keen for promotion or worry about upsetting them.

Let me know what you think.

Football Fans

Football fans are idiots. Or, to rephrase that centres using less incendiary language: when it comes to football, intelligent people act stupid. And yes, that probably includes you.

After all, you remain hooked on the sport that has, over the past decade, become as competitive as an F1 warm-up lap - while at the same time taking ever-larger chunks out of your salary. Smart people would stand up to such exploitation. Football fans prefer to revel in their “hardcore” commitment.

Even if the match is shunted to some unholy hour to accommodate Sky, you think nothing of travelling hundreds of miles to sit in a stadium with the atmosphere of a wake, to show loyalty to your club. The same club that is always thinking of ingenious new ways to bleed you dry.

When it comes to football, your rationality goes AWOL. You worship players who are at best indifferent to you, and at worst, despise you.

And if a referee makes a dubious decision against your team, he is a wonder or a cheat.

Your idiocy doesn't end there. For you take more interest in pre-season friendlies - games which are, without exception, about as meaningful as Gazza's comedy breasts - than the growing inequality between football's haves and have-nots, and what to do about it.

In short, you're an idiot…

By Sean Ingle, Guardian Unlimited.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

School Uniforms Back In

I should think so too. Then everyone looks the same and no judgement is made on style or distracting graphics or trends.
A much more formal and business-like atmosphere is created.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

I was cleaning out the attic the other day with the wife.

Filthy, dirty and covered with cobwebs.... but she's good with the kids....

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The inside of a Sonifex cartridge recorder. It looks like a mini city!


To prove my previous point ... this photo taken at 00.22 on 28th June 2005.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Last night Hemel Hempstead was bathed in an eerie orange glow

This is what Middlesbrough is like every night the flame stack is on.

Don't think you're so special, Hemel.

Explosions Rock Fuel Depot Near London - Yahoo! News

Explosions Rock Fuel Depot Near London - Yahoo! News

It's funny how Yahoo seem to be pandering to the whole terrorism theme so much at the start of this news article - 2 of 3 paragraphs are about terrorism. I've been watching the news here in the UK and there was no mention of even the thought of terrorism, because it's what we know as an accident. CBS News are going on about it too.

Just shows you how edgy the Yanks are.

It's also funny how they pronounce the words 'depot' and 'fracas'. But then again I heard the entertainment news woman on Capital pronounce fracas incorrectly, but that's what happens when you employ under-educated journalists.

I'm rambling now. Would it be a good time to mention Los Angeles real estate? IN places like Orange County, Hollywood, Long Beach, etc. No? Okay.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Windscreen Condensation

The solution is to rub a bar of soap on it and wipe it off.
Worked for me (thanks Craig!)

Edith Bowman's Mouth

Hasn't she got an evil mouth? When she speaks it's like a snarl. A mean mouth. It's weird.

But it probably got her where she is today. Her talent certainly didn't.

There's your controversy for this week folks!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Seth MacFarlane

After watching Family Guy, you can't help but admire the voice talent of Seth - he is the voice of Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin and Brian the dog!

Although Brian the dog is his normal voice.