Sunday, August 28, 2005

U2 iPod

Why the would anyone want an iPod with the signatures of U2 on the back?

iPods. Pssh.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Repeated News

I remember when I was part of a team who (successfully) applied for a radio license from the Radio Authority as it was then (now Ofcom) as practice. We were criticised for suggesting that the main IRN news feed would be followed by a recorded local news bulletin in the late evening and early hours of the morning. There was concern that stories could develop in the hours from late evening until 6am the next day.

Aside from the argument that whatever the news was, it would still be 7 times more up to date than the local weekly newspaper, today, several years on from the application, the ITV News Channel repeats their 30 minute evening news programme continuously throughout the morning from the early hours. If a national television news channel is doing it, then surely it would be acceptable for a local radio station to do the same?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

AA Car Breakdown Service Advert

In the latest AA advert, they say they have more patrols than any other breakdown service. OK - but if they have 5 times as many members as any other breakdown service, this is meaningless. They may, in fact, have less patrols per member than other services.

What figure they should mention is the ratio of patrols per member. That would mean something.

Carling Advert

Oh yes, I want to be a football watching larger lout with no other concerns in life but to rush home and get pissed just like those guys in the advert, so I'll buy Carling and drink it until I get arrested for D&D in the high street. Not.

Doritos Advert

Oh yes, I want to be just like that man who is an arse hole to his girlfriend while playing a computer game, so I'll buy some Doritos. Not.

Kia 4x4 Car

The latest Kia car advert asks whether you would buy a family hatchback for £14,000 or a 4x4 for the same price. The answer is easy - if you don't give two hoots about fuel efficiency, the environment and other road users thinking you're a twat, then the answer is yes.

Friday, August 19, 2005

British TV down the pan?

Tonight alone, ITV1 had the 'Subtitles' caption on the screen through the last part of a programme for 5 minutes and the last part of a programme on E4 was at 1/4 volume of normal level.

The problem with having hundreds of TV channels today isn't that the quality of content has reached immeasurable depths, but that there's not enough money to pay for people to be on duty on national digital channels. Even BBC 2's Learning Zone is all over the place on occasion - and rather often.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

New Adidas Advert

I'm sure it must be thrilling if you like to watch full grown men in shorts playing ball games on some metal support struts in a dark warehouse, but for those who don't much care for 40 seconds of thudding and swooshing metal sound effects, it does nothing but make you want to steer clear of Adidas products for life!

Andrew Lincoln voice-over

Very poor narration tonight on "No Waste Like Home" on BBC2. Generic, without feeling, adding nothing. Has the good Egg had its day?

The drugs haul was in fact a large quantity of the "Boots Basics" range of toiletries.


Geoff had been talking to Meryll for so long, he hadn't realised that his dog Colin had in fact died of boredom.


An excellent moment in Big Brother 6 as Derek throws a gun at the shooting range, while Eugene looks on in horror.


Neither Des O'Connor or the sign language man is sure about Melanie Sykes' comment about Madonna's death after a horse riding accident.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea, Portsmouth

Not too great a Southsea hotel in actual fact. Hopefully you won't be put in a room with the great views over the Solent, because the "Coast" bar on the ground floor, which is owned by the hotel, is more like a nightclub and on the sorry occasion I had the displeasure to stay there, a party of hundreds was taking place in the outdoor dining area - music, raised voices, burley drinkers - yes, it was loud! After numerous calls to reception, at 1.30am I was getting rather tired of it all and requested something be done about it. The night manager went to close the doors of the bar and ask everyone to keep the noise down. Funnily enough for the piss-head British drinkers, they didn't. I was eventually moved to another room at the back of the hotel at around 2.30am. They gave me a £10 discount and earned themselves a mention here. It was shit.

Special mention to the bints who called me a knob head for no reason. Because they had voices like dockers I could hear them 4 stories up - here is a photo of the cows.

Russian adult chat model's profiles - hilarious!

Once when I had a rest in Norway I have met there the boy... It so has liked me.. But I not as did not know as me to it to approach.. Because I was confident that it speaks not on russian. But that that me поттолк

The strict suit very much raises. Sex in the smart automobile, group sex on a beach on eyes at all.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Skype internet telephone calling

I've just installed and tried out Skype with Mr. Martin, and I have to say it's very impressive. The quality is very clear - no where near a telephone - much closer to ISDN (presumably provided you're both on broadband).

I just had a headset with boom mic, and you can send files and chat text whilst connected, although in my case the sending audio suffered when sending a file. And the international calling rates looked very good if you subscribe for their premium service which allows you to call real telephone numbers (rather than just the people on your names list who have their computers on).

And all free!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Downturn in business

A few business folk have recently mentioned to me that they aren't turning over what they used to - there's not the enquiries there used to be, no-one's spending, etc.

I think that it's to do with a number of factors:

1. Lottery - this takes out a lot of money out of the total spendadble income of the country

2. House prices - more people are having to rent now, which is a drain and you end up with nothing to show for it, unlike a mortgage

3. Cost of living - petrol is one thing, but mobile phone credit, broadband, Sky subscription, insurance, big purchases like computers, digital cameras, cars, etc. - all add up for the montly household expenditure

4. Healthy / organic eating - one disadvantage over unhealthy food is that it's not cheap!

5. Tax increases - they don't help to make everyone feel flush and want to spend.

6. Charity fatigue - if it's not a tsunami, it's the starving - there's a lot of pleas for money, and a huge amount flew out of the country in January

Monday, August 01, 2005

Radio in Saint-Lô

Le Guide de la Radio : La FM à Saint-Lô

An excellent list!