Monday, March 28, 2005

St. Ives, Cornwall - yesterday.


Land's End, Cornwall. Yes - it's the end of the land!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Abortion, designer babies, etc.

Why not just let people do what they want?

The planet is doomed with America's blinkered view of global warming, so it won't be around much longer anyway.

Country-style boy band?!?!

Mercury Records are putting together a country
flavoured boy band "Busted meets Leann Rimes".
The look is "hillbilly goes 80s", apparently.

What the bloody hell? Ronan Keating was enough - nicking depressing country songs from his country music friends in America. Ever wondered why there are no country radio stations in the UK?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

One rule for one, another for...

I don't understand why Ken Livingstone gets shouted at for saying a journalist's questions were like a concentration camp guard's, yet when Jewish Tory party leader says the laws regarding travellers use of the countryside someone says it has the whiff of the gas chambers about it?!??!

The press in this country is so hypocritical, I just shun it. They can all sod off.

Monday, March 21, 2005

1001 Nights - or 1001 Nacht as it said on the ride itself. A classic ride at Alton Towers as it went really high (great views) and gave you the "lost your stomach" feeling you get when you drive over hills quickly.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interesting spelling

A food vendor from South Texas posted this in a roller coaster forum concerning Alton Towers' new ride "Rita". Isn't the spelling interesting?

"I have known this scence bout maby around a month ago i was told. Becuase one of my friends emailed me becuuse he had just gotten back from Alton Towers, and he knows im a coaster freak, and his dad is a construction worker, and lucky him, he got assined to work on Rida. So this is how i know. And he mannage to go with is dad one day, so he filled me on all the deal tailes. And if you are talking about the woodie that was for 04, i know it was for 04. But then never built it, they build Air in 04. The roumor started up again the Alton might actually work on the woodie plans some more and put it in the park. And yes as you siad they dident want to chop down all thoese trees. I bleve it was like 32 or maby 37, but it was 30 sumthing for shure. But yes Alton Towers likes it nice and quite, and after having been there manny manny times, all of there rides are very quite. But yes i know a lot about Alton towers.

And also you have to consider that they moved the Samuri from Chessington to Thorpe park, because Chessington is a fmaily park, and that ride is for thrill seekers not family. So im not saying along the lines Rita is like not the right ride type in regards too Thrills or Familys, but just the park style, Rita doesent fit in. So you never know they might move it. Because a little group called Tussauds owns Alton Towers, Chessington, and Thorpe Park. So they have the freedom of moiving ride around with out major hassles.

Also Alton Towers is in a big hole in the ground. And srounding it, is mostly farm fileds with live stock. The town Alton, is actually a far distance away from the park, not really far, maby a quater mile for the parks edge. There are a few houses but there are like way down in a small vally on the out side of the park. So yes noise is a consern, but these houses are on the side of the park that the made rita. But the houses are lower ( by ground level ) then Rita is. So unless the noice eccos off the hill and down, then there isent a big noise prob. But the noise does ecco somewhat.

And once again the 05 roumored woddie, was the same one planed as the one for 04. And one last qustion. You think that wont consiter building the woodie or even a woodie for the next to years why? "

Friday, March 18, 2005

And here's Tom II lazer locking the SoloSub in the Sea Castle repair bay.


Just to prove it - here's the hovercraft as it was originally located on Horizons at Epcot.


From Horizons at Epcot in Florida to the Disneyland Paris tram tour - the Solo Sub (left) that Tom II is lazer locking in the Sea Castle repair bay and daughter's personal hovercraft to distract guests from the forced perspective backdrop in the reclaimed desert / orange grove scene. Horizons opened in October 1983 and closed in January 1999. Truly amazing!


Allan Lake - In On The Lake - Capital Disney

What a great presenter!

In just one night:

Plays 40 seconds of fanfares before Student listener of the night tells him to stop his trumpets.

Phones 118118 and says he's broken up with his boyfriend as a dare from a listener

Asks the next caller to greet him "You're the best DJ in the world and should be on Radio 1"

Has a 3 way conference call with a listener and his boss so that the listener can ask if Allan can play a Franz Ferdinand song without getting into trouble

Puts another caller through to his boss to ask if he can play a song she sent as an MP3 attachment (which he hates). The boss tells Allan he regularly crosses the line, but they do offer a service to the listener and that it should be the last song he plays that evening

Explains to listeners about segues and 'crunch and roll' links between records

"Breaks the radio station" with ensuing musak and "We'll be right back" announcements

When the aforementioned listener calls to remind him to play her MP3, he says he won't play it cos it smells of wee and poo, and a fart in a lift.

This guy is exceptionally entertaining! Can I hear the clink of a Sony Award?!?!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Is it Legal?

Stella Phelps (Imelda Staunton) is a senior partner in a firm of solicitors. The other partners are Colin Lotus (Richard Lumsden) and Dick Spackman (Jeremy Clyde). Also working in the office are senior clerk Bob (Patrick Barlow), secretary Alison (Kate Isitt) and general dogsbody Darren (Matthew Ashforde).

The first two series were transmitted by Carlton Television. The third series was shown by Channel 4 Television.

It'd be great to see this programme repeated - it was so well written and acted, but I don't think it's ever been seen since its original broadcast in 1995 - 1998. You can't even get it on DVD. Surely there's a huge potential audience of people working in the legal profession who'd buy it?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Sound of Steve Wright

Surely the recorded applause, cheering and whooping have had their day?

And the horn-based musak theme - what the hell is all that about?

The whole bloody programme is pre-recorded anyway. You'd think someone would edit the crap bits out.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Clever Michael Jackson

Once he cancelled a concert for thousands and thousands of people, and of course they all wanted refunds. So he wrote everyone cheques, personally signing every one.

Of course, none were ever cashed, as they all had Michael's autograph!