Saturday, October 30, 2004

Phil from Fenham & Dora Dale

So comedy character Phil from Fenham who was a phone character on Century Radio (north east) in the mid-90s was actually calling from Liskeard in Cornwall.

Steve Colman on his sacking from Century in August 1996:
I was described as 'not doing things the CENTURY way' - if the humiliation of callers, naff competitions and a camp Worzel Gummidge* sound alike talking of blow jobs is the 'CENTURY way' then I wouldn't reconsider the position even for the £200,000 I was supposed to be on.
*(The Worzel Gummidge sound-a-like was a legacy of JOHN MORGAN's breakfast show called "Phil From Fenham", who actually lives in Liskeard in Cornwall).

Well, I thought it was funny! John Morgan's Breakfast Gamble was compulsive listening. A lot better that the Capital-owned "Century FM" pap that the station is now. Dora Dale knocks socks off Phil any day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Classic retro style manual typewriter magazine advert. Save £1000! (on the cost of buying a computer!)


The moon, today at 18.00.


Friday, October 22, 2004

A cottage in Elsworth, Cambridgeshire.
If you're ever in Elsworth, visit the George & Dragon on Boxworth Road. They do great meals.


eBay Profits

BBC NEWS | Business | eBay cleans up online

So, in 3 months this year, eBay made nearly £100million profit in 3 months. Their projected profits for 2004 are £1.75billion.

Seems an awfully large amount of profit, but they are simply providing a facility - they never even see the 3.5 million items put on its site each day.

It employs 5,700 people. So each member of staff brings in over £307,000 of profit a year.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

eBay and ntlworld issues - the problem solved

At long last I've found a solution to the problem of my ntlworld internet connection crashing when visiting certain eBay pages.
My browser froze when tring to download something beginning with this URL:

Using the details above, the problem is solved. No more unplugging the router every time I look at a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox auction.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This is quite surreal (click to enlarge)


Bring back the instrumental

I think record producers should put the instrumental version of songs on singles. There's a lot to be heard in music without vocals, and a lot of people will enjoy singing along in a karaoke style. Radio presenters will use them as beds to talk over, and maybe single buyers will appreciate better value for money. You can fit 74 minutes of audio on a CD, people!

Super Noodles recipe

Since my flatmates Peter and Elena introduced me to this student snack in 1999 I've been hooked. However, the sachet of mild curry powder supplied in Batchelor's Super Noodles never provided the zing I needed. Put it in by all means, but add some Worcestershire sauce, dark soy sauce, tabasco sauce and a generous dash of Lea & Perrin's Chilli and Garlic sauce. If you happen to have constipation at the time, you can wave it goodbye. Often when you're on the bus or in the swimming baths.

Britain's forgotten communities - Grangetown, Middlesbrough

BBC NEWS - Britain's forgotten communities
Yes, it is bad.

The North East Regional Assembly - jobs for the boys?

If it has no powers, why have one? If it does happen, it will have an annual budget of £350million. Seems rather a lot of dosh to sit around talking about things. Surely they could just build a big barn somewhere for a few grand? They don't all need Aeron chairs (I do, but they don't).

I have to say the 'No' campaign has a compelling argument:

The last thing we need in the North East is even more professional politicians and their staff.

An assembly would have an annual budget of around £350 million. This is money that is already spent by existing councils – there is no new money – and the Government already determines how most of it is spent.

An assembly would lead to higher council tax for North East people. The Government White Paper says, “The simplest means for an elected assembly to raise money from people within its region is … council tax.”

A new building for the Scottish Parliament has cost £431m. The Welsh and London Assemblies have spent £47m and £43m. The Scottish Parliament and Welsh and London Assemblies all have annual running costs of over £50m.

An assembly would have no power to create any new doctors, teachers or jobs – or build new infrastructure projects like a dual carriageway for the A1 or A66.

An assembly would take power away from local councils and this will damage local services.


No -

Yes -
(backed by people who would slot rather easily into jobs there)

A scene from the Pirates of the Carribbean ride in Disneyland. What fascinates me is the use of very advanced animatronic technology and program control simply to create a scene of robotic pirates, seen merely for seconds as a boat of visitors float by, unaware of the complexity of the whole thing.


BNP leader and fundamentalist Muslim in Cambridge debate

Guardian Unlimited - BNP leader and fundamentalist Muslim in Cambridge debate
I was in the audience on the second row and I don't think I've ever been in a more tense atmosphere in my life. It was all kept a secret until the pair walked into the hall (separately).

The audience was full of UK radio people, and both speakers were asking for the right for their views to be aired, saying that they were misunderstood. Hamza had a few people as either helpers or bodyguards and someone to video his speech.

Domino's Blog

Domino's Blog

And I thought it was just my dad who did things like this!

This guy has a cool blog. And is not a Nazi.

eBay - where everyone wants something for nothing

But I'm the same. I remember in 1999 I put on loads of old Smash Hits magazines I used to read bits out of for my hugely successful hospital radio show. eBay UK was launched the same week (or something). Anyway, they were all selling for around £25 each to teenage American girls, who all paid! It was brilliant! Of course now everyone's doing it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A heating block cross-section - a rarely seen part of a smoke machine. This one failed. You can see how crude overseas made blocks are when you saw them in half!

Pea Soup Smoke Machines

A high power smoke machine - not like the £20 ones from Woolies - this one is 2,200 watts and can even be used off-power for a while. I admire the manufacturing quality that goes into these little work horses. And made in Britain!

Pea Soup Smoke Machines

Vintage BBC voice-over gain units. Ahhh, things were more simple back then! One knob - that's it. They give such a lovely warm vocal sound too. But with the BBC going digital everywhere (even in the toilets) these rack units are going into skips. I'm selling 3 of these on eBay at the moment if you're interested!

See those great auctions

Radio City Tower, Liverpool - by night


John Lennon's birthplace plaque - this is not here. Liverpool Maternity Hospital (now university halls of residence).


251 Menlove Avenue was John Lennon's home with Aunt Mimi from 1945 to 1963.


Strawberry Field


Paul McCartney's house, 20 Forthlin Road. Paul's bedroom was above the front door. 1955 - 1963


My mind is a-glow with whirling transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.


A bush in blossom - don't know the name - any ideas? Red berries in winter that the blackbirds love. I'm worried I'm coming over as a twitcher on this...


Seagull press secretary Beaky McKipper said, "We've established ourselves as a powerful force in South Cornwall thanks to our special logistics ganets and strategy consultant shags, to whom we're very grateful. Are you sure you want all those chips?"


St. Ives' fishing industry is threatened by seagulls who have recently upped the stakes by purchasing their own boats to maximise catch efficiency.


Take it Cambridge's Sleep Inn


A crisp tap! Hot!


Fred's weather map island from This Morning when it was filmed in Liverpool with Richard & Judy


Nice pears!


The Magical Mystery Tour bus


The Liver Building in Liverpool. Note the birds...


Poetry of mine from 1996

Autumn is upon us, the beacons are ripe,
But oh, I say there! A pound of tripe!
Though what is it now - that you do think?
'Tis but a cow, doing a wink.
An electonic component,
Oh Jesu!, a doughnut.
The poppies are out - but please,
don't pout 'bout
...the status of the world.

Cabbage is nigh, thunder child don't cry.
The trees are nearing their crop.
The prospects can sigh,
As a butterfly - oh when will the future be ... .


Capa capa.

The Origins of Parkour / Freerunning

Parkour - also known as free running - is the latest extreme sport to hit the streets. But I think we all know that the concept was not by David Belle and Sebastien Foucan in Lisses near Paris, but by Dick Van Dyke during the rooftop "Step in Time" sequence in Mary Poppins (1964).

Bank Notes (that is, cash)

It seems crazy in this day and age that we're still using linen and paper bank notes. Was it Africa who recently changed all their bank notes because so many of them were so filthy they carried all sorts of bacteria and diseases? The news report showed bank staff with dust masks and surgical gloves on to exchange old currency for new.

Many western bank notes and coins have fecal bacteria (mmm!), Staphylococcus and some even E Coli on them.

In Japan there are money-cleaning ATM machines that heat bank notes to a sufficient temperature to kill all bacteria. Sounds like a good idea!

Some of Australia's bank notes have been made of plastic since 1992, and since 1999 they are all made of a flexible 'polymer' plastic. I've heard the only downside is that they can sometimes slide out of your pocket easier (depending if you're married or not).

Pennies may be the cleanest, sometimes even sterile, as copper acts as an antibacterial agent.

Burger King vs. KFC

I haven't been to a Burger King for a long time, but today I did a drive-thru and had a Chicken Royale. If I was ever in any doubt as to whether a KFC Zinger Tower Burger tasted far beter, I now know. What a difference - the Chicken Royale was rather samey and stodgy, and I think it was more expensive.

Here's a tip - when ordering soft-drinks, ask for it with no ice. This way you get a fuul cup of drink rather than them half-filling it with ice.

Harry Hill on ITV1's You've Been Framed!

To me, Harry Hill's narration of You've Been Framed! has made this once ailing ITV1 camcorder clip show a hit once more. His well-timed set-ups are 50% of the laughs, and again compulsive viewing. Moreso I think than even Beadle's heyday.

A box of Le Maitre Theatrical Flash cartridges


A nice new pair of Bose 151s are also on their way to me from America.


By the end of this week I should be sitting in a Herman-Miler Aeron chair, just like this one!


A cruising plane


Par 16 lights  Photograph

Tit on a wire  Photograph

A scraggy pigeon  Photograph

Birds on a chimney  Photograph

A massive spider


An orb. As seen on Most Haunted Live.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Welcome to my world...

Three coins in the fountain, through the ripples how they shine...

I'm not entirely sure what theme(s) this blog will convey, but whatever they are I hope you find it interesting, entertaining or enlightening. It certainly won't mention Bobby McTootville's Panacotta Circus!

Mr. Soup